I like to look under my classmates skirt

I'm the same guy who posted this---> http://www.confessionpost.com/19648/i-let-my-maid-see-me-naked

like the link above this one is true too. there's this girl in my class. she thinks she's this big beauty queen. but the truth is she's not very beautiful. she's just got a medium sized pair of t*** and a big ass. but she thinks she some sort of hotty. anyway she spreads her legs a lot. she doesn't do it on purpose either. she keeps shaking them and moving them further and closer together. it gives me a great view. today she was wearing black panties. i know that cuz we were in the IT lab today and decided to keep her legs on the foot rest. the foot rest is pretty high and anybody who bothered to look would've been rewarded with a great view. she wouldn't even have known cuz she was looking at the computer. she had her legs opened wide. and her skirt lay above her knee and i had a great view. this is going to sound like a HUGE lie but i'm gonna say it any way. she had a fever and a headache so she went to the sick room (i dunno about other schools but we have a sick room where kids can go to and rest if they're sick or feeling bad) and took slept.



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  • Awesome, dude! I love getting a peek of things like that, myself! :)

  • oh ok i see well if i may if every girl she met was a 5 then yeah she's gonna think she's a 10 and that's all i can say

  • ok how does the fever/headache sound like a lie it sounds fairly reasonable (and the sickroom aka nurses lounge yea i've been to plenty) and also if she's not hot "at all" why would you look up her skirt

  • when i said she's not hot i meant she's not as hot as she thinks she is. i'd give her like 6/10. not the fever, something must've gone wrong. what i meant was: one her p**** lips were exposed cuz her skirt not where it should've been, and her panties were not doing a good job of hiding her p****. so i could see her p**** lip. i don't know why that's isn't displayed :\

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