Some night ;)

We started slow, asking questions back and forth over the inter-web.They were mostly normal questions about g-rated topics, except for the fetish question.I asked, ver randomly, if he had any fetishes he said that he did and it stuck with me.Well we stayed online together for a couple weeks then I gave him my number.He wanted to hang out with me and get to know me better, but I, being taught to be weary with men ou meet online, kept callin him a crazy phsyco rapist, and declined.Aftr about a week of this he asked if I wanted to call his mom, I said no, then we hung out for the first night.Now this may seem hoe-ish and probably because it is, we made out the first night and I'm pretty sure he learned that I love to submit.Not because I told him because I won't tell anyone.Especially not people in real life, but on the first night he learned that I love to have my hair pulled and love to be restrained, he's very clever.Well, we did a little discovery and he is VERY strong like trying my very hardest he can restrain my arms wit one hand :)..Which is GREAT, I was so h**** when he showed me this, he loves to play with my neck and hair when we're just cuddling which is (definitly) *spelling?* perfect.I've been trying to let him know what I like, after I saw how well he picks up on what works.I figure if I tell him how much I like somethng, he'll be happy and want to do it more but when I tell him things he acts like he already knows.I finally got to suck him on wed..once so far (todays friday, yes I realize thts only a month but bear with me) ..:)) it wus so great it had been way too long (it had been 3 months since the last time I sucked my ex! ! ) he even took his d*** out of my mouth and let me play with his b****! ! !
He did something funny that night, it was different.I'll try and remembr as many details as I can, I had my face burried in his chest and he started rubbing the back of my neck with his palm really deep and it felt so gud I felt like I melted.And then he just stopped.I looked up at him like why'd you stop.And he goes, "oh u liked that?" and I said, "yea, keep going, " and put my head back down.And I still can't forget what he said.He goes, "whose the dog and whose the master?" I remember thinking, 'omg how did he..?' and I just laid there and forced his hand over to my neck and he goes, "no, answer the question." I was like, "uhh nooo" and got off of his chest.He goes, "aww, no, come here, " and I went back to laying on his chest, without a second thought he was so warm I hated pretending to be mad! He goes, "you're a good dog! look how you just listen to your master...?" or somthing and I got mad but this time he held me there so I stayed laying on him.Like I said earlier, he's reeeeeally strong.So he asked again, "whose the doggy and whose the master?" and I said that the dogs were locked in the kitchen and I'm their master.And he goes "ok, but between us, whose the dog nd whose the master?" nd I sed, "im not going to answer that." then he said something like: "sweetie you're my good girl" while playing with my ears and hair and I didn't stop him.and he sed sumthn sumthn about a collar and he'll hold my leash.So then I started pouting and I got off him he didn't stop me this time.And at some point I fake cried and he felt sooo BAD! and then I felt bad because I wanted more than anything to tell him that I WANT TO SUBMIT! ! but no..instead I let him feel so guilty and say, "ohh I'm so sorry sweetie u want me to be nice nd sweet?" and I said yes, and I made him say he was the doggy..long story I know but I can't get it out of my head!
Another time: So he wraps my hair up in his fist yanks back leaving my neck and bare t****** totally out in the open and for him to decide what to do with them, he licksup and down my nek and plays with my ear in his mouth and I'm breathng all crazy and funky but I can't stop him or kiss him back because he pulls down on my hair when I resist him.So he starts kissing down my neck slowly teasing my neck with his tongue and I start moaning softly and then he takes one of my nipples into his mouth! I can't even remember if I wus moanining for him or not I just remember feeling perfect bliss..after we were dun fooling around I remembr he wus very scratched up and I felt terrble! (I cut my nails yesterday) if he had asked me to lick his "wounds" like a dog, I totally would have.This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.;)

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  • This story is so stupid and boring and so badly written it should be deleted. I hope the writer gets some therapy.

  • Have you ever heard of paragraphs?????????????????

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