What happens to us.

What happens to the average people? The one's who don't over achieve, or do anything extra.
What happens to the less intelligent people, the ones who don't believe in homework or school.
What happens to the thinkers?
The people who revolve their life around, wel,l life and not proving themselves to everyone else.
Is our only destiny to be poor? just because we never did well in school, live up to peoples stereotypical expectations.
School isn't my thing.
I'm not stupid, no. If I applied myself I know I could get the marks, I just don't believe in having to constantly prove my intelligence to a system that focuses on only a limited veiw of teaching or learning.
I wanted to do something huge with my life, I wanted to change the world and make an impact.
But because I can't write an essay on a book I hate or solve a mathemaatical eqasion I'm doomed for failure.
I still have hopes and dreams even if I don't want to bother spelling every word right.
Who are you to judge weither I'm sutable for everyday society ministry of education?
You give me something interesting to learn, and worth my while maybe I'll give some f****** effort and youll get some f****** results.

Jul 8, 2010

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