so everytime me and my gf have s** i either c** before she does or i get soft... i can never get her off... i have once but idk how i did it.... but i guess what im trying to say is will i ever learn or will i just fail... also dont get me wrong i am an above averaged sized guy or my age and height... so that isn't the problem... so idk any help would be nice....

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  • I had problems with climaxing too soon when I was younger. I agree with the other commenters, extend the foreplay, try and get her really riled up, if not over her first with your tongue and hands.
    When you get inside her, try to stay present in your head, try to keep thinking, be objective. Don't be afraid to stop in order to regain control over yourself, you can play this off by going down on her again.
    And to prevent going soft, concentrate on her expressions of pleasure, the way she moans, and twists, and clenches her fists. It works for me, hope it helps you.

  • Concentrate more on foreplay and let your tongue bring her off first before you mount her.

  • Cut out the nicotine and caffeine. They constrict blood vessels down there. Try going down on her so she gets off first then bang her. If that doesn't work maybe you're gay.

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