I didn't think "heart break" was real.

It's true, I thought heart break was a myth. Until I expierenced it myself. I didn't get dumped horribly by a guy, no, I got dumped by my life. I had it all together. Great friends, popularity, respect. Until I had to move. My mom moved us to a town that was COMPLETLEY different from where I was used to. They wore designer clothes, 100 dollar shoes, and they said the word "like" in every sentence. I litterally did not fit in. My friends tell me they miss me over the phone or with E-mail, but I lived too far away to visit them often. My mom and I have never got along, she's getting physical with me now. My sister, and best friend, lives with my dad. He lives far away. My step dad is grouchy latley, and I don't have that much friends at my school. I can't let out my grief with tears, I don't cry. Living where I used to live, crying was unexceptable, intolerable. You had to be strong to survive. I was, I am. I can deal through my life. I mentioned my mother earlier, she's out of control. She has no common sense or people skills. It's like she doesn't know that it's not okay to hit her daughter. My step dad lost his job and now works for a non-profit bussiness, my mom doesn't work, and I am 15, so too young. We are very poor. I feel bad complaining about my life. There are children in Africa who have it much worse then me. Maybe I'm shallow, though I hope that's not true. I dream that one day I will not just be "the ghetto girl at a rich school." or "that girl in the corner." or "the girl who cannot cry." I want to be known for something important, and not just the girl who was dumped by her life. That is my dream.
Anonymous Dreamer

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Wow you seem like a deep thinker. I know you will suceed. I came from a poor family and I never made money a thing to desire. But I have a good life and I make plenty of money. I focus on my family andfriends and spending time with them. You will do well. It may seem like an eternity but you will be grown and away from your parents before you know it. Now go and pursue your dreams, even the crazy ones.

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