Funny Confessions

S** addiction

Doesn't exist, it was made up by women with weak ass libidos and men looking for and excuse for their cheating period.

I'm not afraid to die.

Why would anyone want to live forever?


Because u quote someone or put it into a meme doesn't mean that u aren't completely full of s***


At what point does political correctness just become plain censorship?

Steve jobs

Was an evil piece of s***....

The taste of water

You only see the things I want you to see. If you found everything you wouldn't think of me the same way again.

Ghost Adventures

I am secretly in Love with Zak Bagand and I cant stop watching the show Lol They are all kind of sexy!


At Risk Male Youth


Are literally crazy trying the same s*** over and over but expecting different results.....

This site is dangerous

Last night I had a nightmare about my ex-husband suddenly wanting me back, and for some f-ed up reason I was considering it.
Then, the dream morphed into something about this site where my real full name was posted on a confession I made about having s** with my friend's husband. Even in my dream I... [more]

Taylor swift

People stop dating her after a couple months because they realize she will never put out lol

Phil Leatardo

Phil Leatardo is the shah of Iran.


Rap is for stupid people.....p diddy has 350 million yet his lyrics sound like a kid wrote them no talent


Is not allowed in many holy sites around the world because that's where they get all the evidence that supports the religion loll lol. For example say Mecca

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