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Smoking Fetish

When I (AFAB trans male) was a still femme identifying preteen going through puberty I found that I had a smoking fetish. I’d watch fetish videos of people smoking with favor for the ones of people smoking their first cigarette.
Back then, due to being raised in a cult-like religion, I wouldn’t [more]

Family Values .

God created Male and Female . The Devil made LGBTQ+ .

I've gained weight at Uni

I've gained nearly 2 stone after being at Uni for a year. I was a normal weight and now I have an overweight BMI. Is it normal to gain weight at Uni? I feel like s*** about it

Recovering from Nice-Guy Syndrome

I'm 20 now, and for many years I was the run of the mill "nice guy." After a year of studying how to undue this behavior, I finally resolved it.
Being a good person is overrated. You put people who will f*** you over before yourself. Sometimes you need to crack some eggs if you want to make an... [more]

Two times I accidentally ate food without buying it

This first story happened over 5 years ago. It was in the store of some zoo (I forgot the name). I was walking around the store, looking for some snacks. (Keep in mind this looked quite different from the typical store, mainly because there were no pricetags anywhere, not on or near the items.) Finally, I discovered the snack that I wanted to eat... [more]

Suicidal Ideations

Throughout my teens I had serious suicidal ideations, and now at 20, even though s*** is not ideal, every day I'm happy to be alive. Even at your lowest points, always remember, if Jim from Confessionpost could make it out, you will too.

A walk in the park

I have been reading confessions for a while now and enjoy the thrills. Over lockdown I have gone out in various states of undress for , my health , well a walk does you good, doesn’t it? But also for my thrills. This morning at 7:15 I left my house in tights, pants and bra covered over with a long coat (obviously trainers). I walked up through... [more]

Not even doctors know whats wrong

Every since i was 4 ive had these weird episodes that i used to call my "pukey feelin" because my body probably couldnt take whatever was happening so i threw. it started off with a HORRIBLE migraine then this the weird part i would feel my throat go numb with pins and needles thats how i knew it was starting and i feel really dizzy and i couldn't... [more]

My father the idiot

Got into an argument with my father who insists doctors aren't perfect. He's correct to a certain point. While I do understand there's a moral and pseudoscientific portion of the health community. The layman is not a highly educated person and I personally entrust an average joe to assume he or she would know better than a physician. Yes, the... [more]

I love to give and take enemas

Hi I live in southern Illinois and love to do enemas with young guys and young ladies as I am very experienced since age 15 and started to use bulb syringes for my enemas and then went to a larger bulb syringe with a large enema nozzle and then bought a fountain enema syringe to also use for my enemas
which I really love to use and feel the... [more]

The encyclopedia definition mentally slow not mentally retarded

The encyclopedia definition of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand learn to process information i'm not the encyclopedia definition of mentally retarded a person that limited or uncapable to understand learn to process information

Can u make fun of me?

I'm skinny and I want to eat healthy and exercise but I don't have any motivations, I tried searching for some motivations but none of those help me so I think the only thing that can help me is someone to make fun of me or bully me. I don't want any humble reply's just be mean to me fr. I have bad posture, skinny legs, long hair, long face... [more]

Advice about ED

I know that I have ED. once a while I think about s**. please give me advice what drink or habit that will help. my insurance does not cover s** related issues.

Needing advice

I suffer from huge anxiety as like my wife.
we have a neighbour who has given us grief (young girl with young kids).
we have tried to tone down her lanuages on phone and loud music to be told no F...Way.
now to make things worst she sent a threatning text to say she has info on me that she would tell my wife and destroy our marriage... [more]

An Unpopular Opinion About Guys

I think male circumcision should be mandatory for all boys. At the hospital, the doctors should be like, 'Sorry Ms. so and so, it's for his own good. Its the law that he has to be circumcised. We'll be right back in 45 minutes.'
The circumcision done should be the one where the top half of the p*nis is paler in color because the skin on the... [more]

My circumcision, my shame

I was born with a problem named phimosys, fortunately my parents let me grow four or five years before circumcised. At this age I could be aware of my problem. I remember my father asking me to remove my foreskin like my younger brother did, but I could never do it.
I began masturbating when I reached puberty. During this act, I needed to be... [more]

22 year old virgin

When I just turned 18 I hooked up with a girl and about to do the dirty with her until we got interrupted at a party. A few days later I was hit by a drunk driver when I was riding my bike. Its an anomaly that I survived.
I'm 22 now and recovering from my injury is a full time job. I go to physical therapy 5 days a week and can take a few... [more]

I got a tight infant circumcision.

My parents had me circumcised when I was born, and I got a low and tight circumcision, with the frenulum partially removed. It's never caused me any problems, I've never regretted it, never resented it, or been angry with my parents over it. I'm fine with it and actually like it, and so does my wife. One piece of advice, with any... [more]


To a worm in horseradish, the world is horseradish. Whatever you put your focus on will be your world. So turn off the news. It's all bs anyways. It changes nothing of significance in your life and just makes you angry. Intentionally find something beautiful every day. Look for it until you find it. After time, you will see beauty everywhere. ... [more]


Sometimes i f*** my sleepy wife and im afraid of telling the truth

There is no Covid virus !!!

I'm p***** off with all the hype, panic and general bollocks about this supposed Covid virus .
There is no f****** virus !
It's a bad case of FLU !!! That's all !!!
The only people to die are those who would die soon anyway, they're just... [more]

Adult diapers

After coming home with my pants being wet and more wet all of the time, my Wife suggested I wear diapers. Sometimes I would forget and she would ask," why are your pants wet?" " Why are you not wearing a diaper?" So of course I have to go change my oants and put a diaper on. I have to admit, wearing diapets has inproved my life and comfort.

Adult diapers

A couple of years ago I started having problems getting started in the bathroom; when I was finished, I zip my pants, exit the bathroom, and pee my pants.
To make a long story short, my family doctor suggested with my Wife that our life would be easier if I just wear adult diapers until we find the problem; my Wife says he wets the bed every... [more]

I’m 14 and expecting

I don’t know what to do. Yesterday, I bought a pregnancy test and came back positive. Worse, idk who the father is. I’ve always thought I was too young to get knocked up.

I am finally going to get very fat

I am a 37 year old guy. Husband to a great wife who I have two amazing kids with. I am in a high-ish position in a mid-sized firm with good salary, I have been in great shape my whole life. Always worked out, always ate healthy. People always said that I'm good-looking. I think I dress well. From the outside you would say I live a very good life... [more]

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