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An Unpopular Opinion About Guys

I think male circumcision should be mandatory for all boys. At the hospital, the doctors should be like, 'Sorry Ms. so and so, it's for his own good. Its the law that he has to be circumcised. We'll be right back in 45 minutes.'
The circumcision done should be the one where the top half of the p*nis is paler in color because the skin on the... [more]

My circumcision, my shame

I was born with a problem named phimosys, fortunately my parents let me grow four or five years before circumcised. At this age I could be aware of my problem. I remember my father asking me to remove my foreskin like my younger brother did, but I could never do it.
I began masturbating when I reached puberty. During this act, I needed to be... [more]

22 year old virgin

When I just turned 18 I hooked up with a girl and about to do the dirty with her until we got interrupted at a party. A few days later I was hit by a drunk driver when I was riding my bike. Its an anomaly that I survived.
I'm 22 now and recovering from my injury is a full time job. I go to physical therapy 5 days a week and can take a few... [more]

I got a tight infant circumcision.

My parents had me circumcised when I was born, and I got a low and tight circumcision, with the frenulum partially removed. It's never caused me any problems, I've never regretted it, never resented it, or been angry with my parents over it. I'm fine with it and actually like it, and so does my wife. One piece of advice, with any... [more]


To a worm in horseradish, the world is horseradish. Whatever you put your focus on will be your world. So turn off the news. It's all bs anyways. It changes nothing of significance in your life and just makes you angry. Intentionally find something beautiful every day. Look for it until you find it. After time, you will see beauty everywhere. ... [more]


Sometimes i f*** my sleepy wife and im afraid of telling the truth

There is no Covid virus !!!

I'm p***** off with all the hype, panic and general bollocks about this supposed Covid virus .
There is no f****** virus !
It's a bad case of FLU !!! That's all !!!
The only people to die are those who would die soon anyway, they're just... [more]

Adult diapers

After coming home with my pants being wet and more wet all of the time, my Wife suggested I wear diapers. Sometimes I would forget and she would ask," why are your pants wet?" " Why are you not wearing a diaper?" So of course I have to go change my oants and put a diaper on. I have to admit, wearing diapets has inproved my life and comfort.

Adult diapers

A couple of years ago I started having problems getting started in the bathroom; when I was finished, I zip my pants, exit the bathroom, and pee my pants.
To make a long story short, my family doctor suggested with my Wife that our life would be easier if I just wear adult diapers until we find the problem; my Wife says he wets the bed every... [more]

I’m 14 and expecting

I don’t know what to do. Yesterday, I bought a pregnancy test and came back positive. Worse, idk who the father is. I’ve always thought I was too young to get knocked up.

Exposing to doctors

I have the weirdest obsession of any of the people I know. I know a lot of people are exhibitionist, as I am, but I specifically like to expose myself to female doctors and nurses. I am a decent size at just a smidge over 7 inches, but I’m very thick. I have a freckle on the shaft of my p**** and use... [more]

I am finally going to get very fat

I am a 37 year old guy. Husband to a great wife who I have two amazing kids with. I am in a high-ish position in a mid-sized firm with good salary, I have been in great shape my whole life. Always worked out, always ate healthy. People always said that I'm good-looking. I think I dress well. From the outside you would say I live a very good life... [more]

My Friend’s Epilepsy

A friend that was my neighbor for 7 years has really bad epilepsy and found out yesterday that he isn’t eligible for surgery because the seizures are coming from most parts of his brain. Any day he could have a seizure that effects a nerve in his heart that could kill him.
It makes me eyes ball up writing this because he’s like a brother to... [more]

Mental health is depleting, I don't know how much longer I have.

Manipulative and controlling? Yes
Desperation for love? Yes
Chasing superiority? Yes
My ignorance towards the feelings of others and arrogance of my own has depleted my happiness and harmed the happiness of my friends.
My brain is pre-wired to make these same mistakes over and over and over and over again. Should I just prevent myself from... [more]


I binge at night. When my family is asleep I come downstairs and I eat. I eat as much as I can. I stuff myself like a pig and it's why I'm fat. It's why my face is round and I have a double chin. It's why I can't fit into normal sized clothes or chairs with arms. Its why I can't run or go up a flight of steps without breaking into a sweat. I binge... [more]

How my doctor fund out why my p**** was the size of a man's

Alright i was 7 year's old and i always wonder'd what is the big that was swinging between my leg's and i so i asked my father he said it's your p**** and so alot of ya'll must be wondering now how is this a confession now just wait and ill tell you alright so when i was around 5 years old i was in... [more]


When i was like ten i actually was thinking about my body and started tryin those crazy pinterest diets when you just eat celery and cottage cheese then i started stealing laxatives to use when i binged from being so hungry but one day when i was brushin my tongue wit my tooth brush i gagged n threw up n instantly i was like woah i can just do... [more]

Stage 4 cancer no one knows

My life has been a misery for 39 years. my wife and my daughters all have treated me like s***. No matter what I did for them or gave them they never even said Thank you. My wife never worked and my worthless girls didn't finish high school and also never work
They don't know but I have less than... [more]

I'm ashamed of myself

I'm a male, 21, and I cry during emotional parts of movies or books or even during day to day life when i see something upsetting, and I'm ashamed of this, it makes me feel like the biggest loser, like I'm not worthy of being called a man. I'm ashamed of myself for something I can't control.

What is wrong with women????

They have health issues. I can't stand the smell of them. The banana split with strawberries is nasty. Let me tell you this...... the v***** is full of bacteria. You can clean it all you can. It will still smell like some rotten fish. But milder in a way. I will not eat it that junk. The lips are... [more]

Wife’s fitness has gone

Just sold my wife’s bicycle on Gumtree. Sold for £150 not long After buying it new for £400. It’s a light bulb moment, that says to me that at 35 years of age she has given up on fitness. The reason for selling it is she claims she can’t ride it as she gets so winded, gasping for breath if she try’s to ride. She’s over weight, 5ft 2 and 250lbs and... [more]

Emasculated the black man

Why are women emasculating men into a woman?. I see that in white women doing that. And the white culture cut off the black man p**** so he can be a woman for the white man. Buck breaking is nasty. The white slave owner started this gay thing and then they tried to throw the bible in it to hide what... [more]

I can't learn a thing a from women I need a man

I'm a woman that need a man to teach me how to be a woman. This conversation is for men only. I hate women.

I purposely eat a little bit of my allergies

I’ve always had to compete with my parent attention but they still ignore me, but blame me when bad things happen so to get out of it I put a little bit of peanut butter on my lips and arms(if I eat a lot, I need an epipen) she then they feel guilty if they yell at me. I’ve only done this twice, but I hope they don’t notice!

How to stop binge eating?

I've never even admitted this to myself, but I've had a binge eating problem ever since I was a kid. I remember getting told off for sneaking food as a child, but I was super active then and all through high school. Plus, as I got older, it got easier to secretly sneak unhealthy meals, so no one paid much notice.
Well, of course now I'm an... [more]

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