Love Confessions

The Love Confession

Dearest Gene,
As always, I want to start by saying, "thank you." I tell you a million times a day, each day, that I love you and that you mean the world to me. Although you reciprocate some of these feelings, I'm sure you have no inkling of the strength of my love.
You walked into my life a stranger a mere twelve months ago, and my life hasn't... [more]

Fell in love with a married man

Me and my ex recently reconnected. I had been avoiding him for fifteen years because I was afraid that he still loved me and I didn't want to f*** up his life. But for some reason I thought we were out of the woods now and I sent him a mail asking how he was. I wasn't prepared that I'd fall back in... [more]

Catfished oh well...

So...was catfished this week. Went to meet a woman for a hookup to get pegged. And when I showed up to the house it was a man. He had some fake story to tell me, but I didn't believe him. So as I was about to leave, I decided to ask him why, and he told me because he's lonely and wasn't sure if he could find someone for jist [more]

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I'm torn with feelings

I'm 45 and having an affair with a very good friends wife. To break it down. I have known both for 20 years. I was best man at their wedding. I had a little thing with her before she and him got together. They have been married for 12 years now and have one child. We started messing around one night we all went camping. I had to go back... [more]

Rabbit living in cemetery

This rabbit living in the cemetery his owner died and the family did not know what to do so they dropped him off at the cemetery. He lived in the drainage.

Falling for my ex girlfriends sister

So I have an ex gf/baby mama who I have a beautiful baby girl with and long story short she was a terrible person most of the time and I couldn't deal with it anymore so we split up. So while I was dealing with my ex gfs terrible attitude her sister would be there for me like a bright light in pitch darkness. The more my ex gf and me were... [more]

S** with Dad(step) or Not

My dad has always given his all to me. We have a strong bond and from what I read it is not uncommon for girls to have s** with their dad. Well I am thinking of it. I want to but not sure because of all the things that could go wrong if we are caught. So I just keep wondering. I [more]

I love wearing my bra & panties

I'm a man that loves wearing bras & panties everything feminine

Gaining Wife

My wife recently started fulfilling my fantasy of her becoming a ssbbw. She makes comments about when she's 600 lbs. I think it's just playful banter however she went from 216 to 228 in 1 week. I'm going to keep feeding her and make her huge.


Im a teen and i really like this boy and i really really like him, I've liked him for 5 years we are school mates same class different sections. To me he seems the most cutest and the most hot dude and i dont know how to confess im confused if i should confess online or one to one cuz im scared and i dont really wanna get rejected its just i feel... [more]

I love him.. now.

I love him. And I'll love him to death. But it was only a couple days ago we're Ive truly admire every inch of him.
We're not even together but we act like a couple. But I like to think hes finally mine. I already hurt him though. And i regret every bit. Even if it doesnt add up he was still hurt of what ive done in the past. But I stopped... [more]

My daughter from the other mother will come to live with me

When I was stationed in South East Asia I had a young assistant and I got her pregnant. She wasn't what I would have called a marriage material, but she was a good assistant. In any event she went ahead with the baby and I agreed to give her support and all. In the big world, the money per month was next to nothing, compared to the west... [more]

I’m in love with you, Red

I know we only really met a few months ago at work, and I know we only started talking outside of work a few days ago, but I couldn’t help it, I’m in love with you. You’re so honest, sweet, and friendly, and also a bit weird like me. I think you’re really cute and I think we’d be good together. I know I’m going to university an hour’s drive away... [more]

What if's...

There's so much what if in my mind right nowwwwww, what if crush niya din ako? what if mag confess ako? what if mag first move ako? hohohoho I really like this person so much to the point na I always think of him every day. the day I met him was also the day pala na hindi hindi ko makakalimutan hahaha idk kung love at first sight ba yun or what... [more]

Is it weird to like someone because of a simple reason?

I like this guy in my class. He helped me plug my laptop cable around 3 times. Ever since then, I've been seeing him a lot. I'm kind of attracted to him, but we're not close... We are very awkward. I didn't know what to talk to him. I'm also not brave enough to start a conversation with him. Please give some advice.

Nalay pem

Dear kinley wangmo. nga ge choe lu ga. nga lu accept bay nang. your love netula. <3


Okay . so many months ago i installed a dating app. and i swiped on many guys. but there was one guy that caught my attention and then we matched and we started talking. he seemed nice and then we talked a lot on the app. so after days he asked for my id and i felt a connection so i gave him . then we started talking in ints. we were talking day... [more]

Missing my ex and wanting to reach out even if I shouldn’t

From time to time my main ex pops into my head. When you’re together for years it seems inevitable. Despite my doing the breaking, I find myself missing her. It’s been a while since we broke up and we’ve both had other people or at least lovers. No big deal. Still, I find myself trying to find her when I know I shouldn’t bother.
I chucked my... [more]

I became Eddie's when we were nine and thirteen

A lame story. I am Jack's little sister. Jack had a friend, I'll call him Eddie. He and Eddie were rambunctious and did boy things that got them in trouble. One day, I was nine, they were 13, they were playing with this rocket ship. They had to mix baking soda with Coca Cola to make the rocket ship fly. I watched. I was always watching and... [more]

My Mom's Legs

I'm 45 years old, but I remember being 5 and watching this Gentlemen Prefer Hanes pantyhose commercial on TV one morning, the one with the lady sitting on top of the piano. As I was watching the closeup of this woman's legs, my p**** gets hard. Next thing I know, I get naked and start rubbing my... [more]

I want to get kidnapped

It’s been a huge fantasy of mine. I wish someone could grab me, put me in a van, tie me up and stuff my mouth with my dirty panties, feel me and just f*** me from behind.
We would just go for a ride in the van doing this all day, all week and however long the person would keep me for. I’d find it... [more]

23 and want to get kidnapped

I want to get kidnapped, I wrote a previous post before. I’m 23.

I enjoy every Whack of it🏓🏓🏓🏏🏏🏏🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥😂

When I misbehave, I know my buns be are hers! When she inch up her dress or skirt it's Over her Lap on the lace of her slip and nylon stockings and Garter Belt and when be wearing a sexy Girdle, I know I'll be getting at least 200+ Whacks on my Booty! Inspite the many Whacks on my buns, I be getting my [more]


Hello all , I'm a pantie wearer . If females can wear boxer brief s and it's OK why can't we wear female panties they feel so much better than male brief, s I love to wear them as they are cooler to wear and make me feel sexy. They also feel great.

To be a bisexual

My first bisexual experience was as a kid when on a camping trip this guy asked me to suck his d***. We didn't go to completion, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Since then I've lived my life as a straight person with only occasional interludes with men. But the best [more]

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