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I don't need to be bombarded by do-gooders and those of you who think it their entitlement to pass judgement. Like it or not, there is an active community out there of mothers, fathers, aunties, and grannies who have made a deliberate decision to give their child the pleasure of cigarette smoking. If you search even just this sight as well as... [more]

Can't Get Over Her

Three months ago, after taking over a year to work up the courage, I told my crush I was interested in her and she turned me down but said she wanted us to remain friendly.
Three months later I still think about her constantly and it's driving me insane that I can't get her out of my head.
I've tried listing her flaws, looking for someone... [more]

Feeling a little down

My firstborn baby was, is, and will always be my hero. Before I experienced a birth defect I thought Down's Syndrome was the worst thing that could happen. It turns out Down's or trisomy 21 is a survivable condition. trisomy 18 is Edward's syndrome and 90% don't make it to full term. Of those 10% may, and 90% do not survive their first year. Many... [more]

I love my friend's dad

I love my friend's dad and I can't help it. I know he loves me too and we need to be together. I mean it's weird because I look a lot like his daughter. And one time we did things in her room. I think it would ruin things between me and my friend but it's both exciting and terrible keeping this secret.


I have a huge crush on one of my managers. We are not allowed to date because managers and reps are not allowed to date. I am 22 years old and I never felt sexual attraction before and I have to have my first sexual attraction towards one of my managers. I get nervous and very emotional that I haven't eaten very much in the last week (my first... [more]


I’m hurt as h*** right now. My husband just told me he only loves me 55% rn..... we’ve been married almost 6 years and have two kids together.


I have a secret online bf and whole ass friend group that my parents don't know about, I hate my parents and can't wait to move in with him <333

Young Children Love Smoking

There are multiple confessions on this webpage about parents, especially mothers, who love to smoke and have helped their kids to become smokers when they are just little. There's also a great website called Mister Poll with an active form called (Woman only) Did you teach your daughter to smoke... [more]

Crush on my Friends Dad

I've had a crush on my friend's dad ever since I started to have a sexuality. He is just the best. The problem is that he's a married 43 year old with 3 kids and a wife, and I'm 14 going on 15. My family has known ours since I was a baby.
He is tall, muscular, funny, warm, playful, compassionate, smart, everyhting I want in a man. He came to... [more]

I'm so happy I wanna cry

I have a secret online bf now :3 I wanna cry and scream im so happy I can't tell me parents thought bc they will be mad and it's so frustrating I want him to move here so I can hug him irl so badly <333

I as a 14 year old Indian, got married to a 5 year old Girl

I as a 14 year old Indian guy, I got married too a 5 year old girl, and we never divorced yet, we are still married today. We never consummated our marriage yet, but we will someday. All we did was kiss on our wedding day, and it was not a short kiss. It was a long kiss. I don’t care what you guys say about it. I’m officially married and you guys... [more]

My friends dad pressed his thing on me

My friend had a big slumber party at her house, like eight girls. This was in spring break and we're in seventh grade. Her mom was killed in some sort of accident and her dad got a big law settlement so they have a nice house and we all had fun and the next morning I went in to his room to say goodbye to him and thank him. I went in and he was... [more]

The Smoking Holiday

We smoked, and explained to our GD that she was the type of little girl that felt a little bit fragile and insecure, but that, she would all of a sudden feel so much more confident and calm, if she were to start smoking. Even though I don't really think that Indie had ever thought kids could smoke, we reassured her that she was safe with us, and... [more]

I have fallen in love with a Catholic Priest

I've known him for years. He's been there for me as I came back to the faith, he helped me to leave an awful relationship, and he has been a big help to me in figuring out my spirituality. I have also been a big help to him, especially since he has recently become a parish priest and is overwhelmed. He says he appreciates having me around as a... [more]

I love wearing panties & leggings

I wear feminine underwear & women's leggings i would love to collect all kinds of women's clothing love dressing up in women's clothing & nothing else i buy my clothes in the women's Department i don't buy things very often I'm a 66 amputee white man i have always loved wearing feminine clothing

I dont know if my crush likes me

On the first day of a new school year there was this one guy in my class and I litterally fell in love at that moment, we started talking before the teacher came in but I guess his schedule was messed up so we ended up having no classes together. Months went he never talked to me by but he always looked at me and smiled whenever he saw me. One... [more]

Wife fulfilled my fantasy

My wife is 40 and in great shape for my birthday last year she surprised me by getting her mons tattooed. We found a place where she was comfortable getting her c*** pierced and a tattoo above her p****. There was no [more]

OMG Miley

I watched Miley Cyrus at the Final Four yesterday and she was incredibly spectacular and unbelievably beautiful and amazingly talented!! There just is nobody who has half the star power or half the skills or who is half the woman. Miley is super perfect and I am just in total love with her!!!

My boyfriend is a necrophiliac!

Well not a real one like he doesn't do it to actual corpses. But I mean when we started going out I knew it would be weird, he was always dark, not like a goth, with makeup and leather and gothy techno, but who straight-up sits in a dark room lit by candles reading an old book listening to spooky organ music? unironically?
He's a rich kid who... [more]

Loneliness and the urge to get a girlfriend

I'm 18, Male and an only child.
For the past year, I've been feeling very lonely and I can't stop thinking what would be like to have a girlfriend, since the pandemic started these feelings were only amplified, and I've been stressing myself with these thoughts along with the thoughts of having a job and going to college.
I would like to... [more]

I am in love with my best friend

I've known this guy for about a year now, and I really consider him my best friend. We have so much in common, and every moment we spend together is full of laughs. He's always there for me when I really need him, and he knows I'm there for him too.
But.. Something changed lately.
I started seeing him differently, I guess. I am fairly young... [more]

My Fiancé's Secret Update

Back story: I made a post on here recently about how my fiancé donated a lot of money to a male sexual abuse support orginizaiton and how he got super angry and freaked out for the first time in the 6 years that I've known him.
I walked into our bedroom last night and told him that when ever he is ready, he can tell me about the thing on his... [more]

How do I know it’s time for a divorce?

I really love my husband. But I don’t think he feels the same. We are married, homeowners , and have 3 kids. Every day I feel like I walk on eggshells. Never knowing if what I’m going to say is going to cause a negative reaction. I know by now it sounds easy to say “just leave”. But it really is harder than that. I’m 30 and I feel like I’m wasting... [more]

Two young studs

I've been having s** with two young men that live nextdoor,I started having s** with the 19 year old first then his 17 year old brother,they don't know about each other yet,I had s** with my husband one morning and... [more]

Crossed a line and done know how to go back

So I have been married to my wife for 15 years. We decided to get married when I was 19. She lied about a previous relationship she had. She was still married and had a daughter in the Philippines. After years of us going through h*** together, we had a daughter and when she was 3 years old we... [more]

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