Love Confessions


Now going out, no bra so nipples will be cold and hard. as I pay for mechandise I will open jacket to let my nipples free for them to see

One of many Fantasies fulfilled P3

Any way I watched as he lowered himself between my wife's slim milky legs and could see her pink slit between her thighs which was looking ever so moist and the p**** flaps all splayed open ready to receive his monster and his fist like head hovering over her love tunnel ! Keep in mind he does not... [more]

One of many Fantasies fulfilled P2

Okay, so please read P1 before you commence reading this !
As I was saying , my petite wife mentioned a fantasy that she had about me coming home late from work or a boy's night out with a friend for few night caps which occasionally happened and she would already be in bed sleeping sprawled over the bed partly covered by a sheet with the... [more]

Wants to meet someone real and nice

I feel like a loser because I don't have a girlfriend. I have a hard time talking to girls I like because I feel their out of my league. How do I get over this, and what is a good way to start a conversation, without looking weird.

One of many Fantasies fulfilled P2

I have not had much response from p1 so I do not think I should waste any further time doing the follow up to P1 due to the lack of interest !

One of many Fantasies fulfilled P1

My ex and I were 17 yrs the difference in age and we shared a s**'s life that discovered new boundaries regularly and we enjoyed fulfilling and experiencing fantasies we could get away with without causing anyone harm and allow them to happen kinda naturally with a bit of nurturing so to speak but we... [more]

My Girlfriend and I are Adult Babies

I have the best girlfriend yet. Me and her are a weird duo, but a good kind of weird. We're both adult babies. I never thought it would happen, but here I am. I'm the boy in the relationship.
We met at an adult baby social group in town. We still go to the group. She was already part of the group when I came. We eventually met out side of the... [more]

I don’t want to like him.

There’s this guy in my school and he’s really cool I’ve spoken to him once Or twice and he sits next to me in art he’s really cool but I’m way out of his league and I know that it wouldn’t work out. It’s been a year and a bit now and I still like him. I don’t want to anymore and it really frustrates me

My Girlfriend and I are Adult Babies.

I have the best girlfriend yet. Me and her are a weird duo, but a good kind of weird. We're both adult babies. I never thought it would happen, but here I am. I'm the boy in the relationship.
It started out in the easiest place to find a girl like, we met at an adult baby group. She was already part of the group. We met, we played, and we had a... [more]

Family s**

My girlfriend has a sexy mom. My girlfriend doesn't know but I have been f****** her mom. I got her mom pregnant. Now I f*** my girlfriend and her mom and now I have started f****** my and the... [more]


Imagine yourself sailing along in the middle of the ocean. You put your hand into the water and pull it up. Quickly all the water swaps through your fingers.
This is your life. God’s Word says life is but a vapor which soon passes away. All we seek to hold onto we cannot. It will pass away with us so quickly.
Now look out across the vastness of... [more]

Bare naked bottom spankings

I’m looking for a female spanker on a daily basis to spank me on a naked bare bottom

I wish I could be a wife to a Chinese man

I really wish I could be a Chinese man's wife so I can literally do anything they would want me to do. I would do all the cooking and cleaning and love and obey them. I find 26-36 year old men attractive.

This guy

Theres this guy that I was really into for a while. I dreamed about him and he was all I could think about. at a point though, we started talking more consistently and I really liked him, though there were a few red flags. then, one day, he asked me for pictures of my t***. I told him I didnt feel... [more]

My big wife

When I met my wife she was 5’1 s 110lbs. She now weighs in at 215lbs, she the sexiest, curvaceous woman that I love. She still dresses in short tight skirts and shorts for me so I can look at her fat legs and her big a**. We’ve never had as much s** as we do now. I’m so turned on by her big body, I asked her to have s** with my friends so they can... [more]

I love dressing up slutty and picking men up

I love getting dressed up knowing guys are looking at me.sometimes i would wear mini skirts with a blouse or my short dresses with my cleavage showing and making sure they can see im wearing stockings and suspenders,it doesn't matter where i go i always end up f****** someone,most recently i was... [more]

Dating Men

Do you have a boyfriend? Men lie (Saying: your the one...I love you...your beautiful...etc) to women in order to use them for s** and unload their c** factory. Some men have multiple women, but you think you are the only one. No. Unless your man lives with you... [more]


No risk, no glory. Silence is an answer unto itself. And now I know it is time to move on... :)

Cookie Monster: You Feel Nothing. I Feel Everything.

I collect power women friends the way some women collect expensive shoes...and have dated a lot of alleged "straight women" in my lifetime. Well everyone is straight until you give them too much wine! ;) Heeey, nothing like a drunk/bi lesbian that reverts back to hetero like a vampire at sunrise. Had many of those: corporate executives, lawyers... [more]

Dating a Cop and Crawfish

I was dating a cop, we hit it off pretty well. Enjoyed spending time together, she looked like a young Selma Hayek or Penelope Cruz, pretty woman and we met at a Christmas Party. She invited me to a crawfish boil and had a bunch of other officers there with their wives, they had been cooking and drinking since noon. I got there around 7 pm. By 10... [more]

Ever Been Lost?

Have you ever taken a wrong turn while driving or walking on a trail and got really lost? Lost to point where you could not find your way back home. I have. Who do you call to come help you? A parent, a good friend or family member who will go out of their way for you because they love you or a service like AAA or the police. Really, who rescues... [more]

Blue Trench Coat

The first time I dreamed you were wearing a beautiful blue tailored trench coat, the style was a very elegant Lloyd's of London. You were hugging me from behind, although I was walking away from you. You clenched onto me for dear life, then you slid into a booth in front of me, and began saying: "Do you have any idea who this is? Do you?" as you... [more]


L: On Shabbat I intentionally invoked your name and connected to your heart chakra. Doing what the monks taught me to do which is to "sink into" whatever I am feeling at the moment; longing, love, l***, etc. I spent about 15 minutes in the midsts of my severe migraine headache and fever (caught a... [more]

What You Need From Me

This is crazy, but I need a swear of truth about what trans-pired with this man.
Guess you did not know, Nikki Araguz was older than me but we grew up in the same school district and neighborhood? We were forever friends. No judgement from me. Be happy. Be you. Google it.
I was sworn in 5 years ago actually to a very large spiritual movement... [more]

Expressing Yourself Anonymously

About your crush does not mean you are mentally ill. You are venting in a safe space, but nice try you j***.

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