i have been in so many street fights

i have been in so many street fights but abou 4 months ago i faught sum guy named tookie Jr, he is a big time gang lord in the east end of kentucky and he's only 17 and we faught like crazy for about 12-15 minutes and then i was starting to wear out and he is a built boy thats in really good shape and im only 5'7 and got a lil bit of muscle but i got wore out and he started the real fighting techniques. he hit me in the nose and then the temple and when i fell to the ground, my head landed next to a sidewalk curb and then he made me put my mouth on the edge of the curb and then he went to kick me in the back of the head and god was with me cuz i put my hand between my mouth adn the sidewalk right before he kicked me so i saved from losing my teeth and now since that fight i get really nervous and shaky when sumione starts smarting off or threatning me and before then i was scared of nothing but now i can barely stand to fight and i am nobody at my skool cuz i cant really fight anymore cuz everytime i go to fight i juss lose my head and end up thinking of my past fight with tookie Jr. Does anybody know wat happened to my boldness and bravery? if so i need sum advice on how to get it back cuz i am gonna end up hurt if i dont.

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  • One this is probably fake but two you say you're from kentucky so your probably two generations inbred and a little bit f***** in the head so your stuffed either way

  • WWJD

  • I can see why you fight because your a stupid f***!
    Get a education and learn how to read and write properly...
    Wait i'm forgetting your from kentucky where stupidity, inbred cousin f****** and beastliality rule..

  • Stop fighting and get a hobby.


  • learn martial art.

  • Oooops I meant "You know what will p*** off your "enemies" even more than beating them in a fight?"

  • End that lifestyle and while you're at it, improve your friends lives by encouraging them to stop fighting too. You know what will p*** off your "enemies" even more than not fighting them? Being able to walk away and not even care about their stupid little fighting games. They may not say it but they will hate it! They might even challenge you even more for it and you will be so tempted... just walk away and let them shove their issues!!!

  • MOVE!

  • You are definately on the rood to prison. You need a life makeover if you are to remain free, and stay alive. Quit hanging out with everyone you know, get in school, get some goals, and get a bunch of friends who are winners and are motivated. What a waste it would be if you wound up dead or in jail.


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