I feel like I have no control.

I need to tell someone, but I dont know who- So I went searching and found this site.

So, for starters, I am LDS (or better known Mormon) and in that church P********** is a huge... ... ... Uh- deal.

I got introduced to p********** in 2nd grade because my friend told me that he typed a site name wrong, and went somewhere else. I was just curious where this "somewhere else" was. and I found it. I couldnt quite fully comprehend what it was, and so I got out of it.

A little while back, my friend brought it up again and I made him stop talking about it because the perverted images started to flash through my mind. I was hoping that p*** was like music (Great comparison, huh?) and seeing it again would get it stuck out of my head.
Well- it wasn't. and I cant seem to stop. I keep thinking that maybe I can ease out of it by looking at less revealing things, but that obviously didn't work, if I am here confessing it.

I don't even like it when I'm watching it. It makes me want to puke. But, for some strange reason, I can't stop!

I can't tell any of my religious leaders because I don't want them to be ashamed of me, and I can't tell my friends, because I will just break their hearts and my life would become a living h***.

Do you have any ideas for hobbies, or a way to re-wire my brain so that I don't participate?

I am a sophomore in Highschool.

I need some sort of help... Please?

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  • Take control. that is what i am doing. when i have no options and people play up and just shut down and do nothing with them or for them. they have to learn how you want to be treated with respect.

  • You are going to burn in h***! You sick ass wierdo. God hates you now. You cannot be saved. See you in h***.

  • Take the mystery out of p***. It really isn't much more than nude people doing sometimes stupid stuff. It isn't love exacly but it isn't all forbidden. Afterall, we are born nude, shower nude...some of us sleep nude. No big deal.

    Just as you look at a pretty flower so too will you look at attractive people- its natural. Just don't dwell on it. Your religious leaders, particular LDS do dwell on it. Think of baseball when they do.

    Lastly, just relax. The more you think of it as taboo it will draw you to it. Next time you do feel drawn to look at p*** for what ever reason look around you- to an older person- say 30+ and imagine them nude. Chances are you will loose teh interest in seeing p*** for a while.

  • This isn't a bad thing, its a natural curiosity! I'm sure your god isn't going to judge you for being a normal healthy teenager and looking at stuff like this :)

  • You be cooler if you are Lutheran, they made Davey and Goliath.

  • That is a natural thing for boys your age to look at. God loves us and we are all sinners and if we ask for his forgivness he will.

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