Dont want it anymore

I am 30 yrs old and a 21yr old guy always showed interest in me, but i never returned it. So one day i found myself standing directly infront of him and i took notice of him!! so i went up to him and spoke to him. and it was all uphill from there. I finally asked him out and he shot me down, just said its a bad idea and he has a gfreind!
So i ignored him after that esp with my bruised ego, he then shows interest in me again??? so i return the interest and he ignores me again?? What is up with this dude??? and he never asks me anything about myself?? I always initiate conversation.. i really did not ask for this i was never interested in you in the first place, now you driving me insane. I want you out of my head out of my thoughts. You have no personality, u look like and egg. I am a smoking 10 and you are a lifeless 2!! so there get lost and leave me alone.. there are plenty of men out there who deserves me. You immature , boring , lifeless person you!!!!! And learn to walk like a man instead of an egg rolling himself around. By the way you and your gfriend really deserve each other!!!!

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