I like to deep-throat popsicles; it satisfies my oral fixation and tastes a h*** of a lot better than sucking d***.

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  • Same here, queen elizabeth has insulted me enough. I am just wondering why she insults me so much all the time over the past 30 or so years. how would she like to be insulted? when will she stop insulting me? afterall how crude is she and what bad things has she done that need to be exposed before she dies. yeh she should have a Popsicle shoved up her a*** and genital parts by ruppert again in the media cause her a heart attack or something to bring her down some. the woman is nuts liking other women over me. she must be insane like a tongue poke adult. I can see more of that out of them all next. the queen herself will be doing it next and all the other royals poking tongues at the public and media and everyone say "how cute".

  • Keep sucking d-i-c-k.



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