I created a fake email address so I could create a fake facebook page for someone who doesn't exist. I goggled some pics and created this woman to see if my husband would "bite the bait" he did! but...he hasn't done or said anything wrong to "her" he just seems uber interested in her life story. It seems he wants to be an e-pal or something with "her" he has NO IDEA that it is me doing all of this.

I am starting to feel stupid and crazy! I did this because earlier this year he DID sneak out on a date with another woman. According to him "nothing happened" but it REALLY f***** up the trust factor in our marriage.

Now I am in a conundrum because I DO want to see where his head is...but how long can I carry on this charade? It is exhausting! I made up her name, her job,where she lives...it's a lot! This has only been going on a few days....it seems like forever! Oddly the more he emails/contacts "her" the more loving and affectionate he's been towards me! Maybe "she" needs to die,go to jail,go help with the oil spill...lol sigh...what have I gotten myself into?

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  • how is the trust going to be reestablished if your lieing

  • this is really s*****. you can't say you were never tempted to date anyone else. and now you're BAITING your own husband? My god, you're as bad as a mom who reads her kid's journal. Please stop being the stereotype of a jealous housewife. it makes all women look bad.

  • What the f***. Not everyone wants to go date someone else. I'm in love with my boyfriend and haven't thought of another guy since the day he came back into my a few years ago. You can't say that to her like you know her and that everyone is a piece of s*** that puts themselves into a relationship and doesn't love the person every enough to make them the only person they want. This is not a fairy tale way of thinking this is real. People are just not happy with their partner. Others wouldn't care one bit for anyone else.

  • Good idea keep doing it for a while and then broke his heart!!

  • How did you find out he snuck out on a date? Was it because you caught him or because he openly confessed? If he openly confessed, it could be because he wants to rebuild the trust between you two and it seems as though you want to as well or else you wouldn't be trying to prove he's worthy of your trust by making a fake girl to "test the waters." However, I would end the charade asap because it seems to be stressing you out to tie up all the loose ends and details with her. If you're stressed, it will probably put a strain on your relationship and if he ended up wanting to take it further with this fake girl, how would you even bring that up in the long run to use against him? "honey, I was baiting you and you took the bait, were done?" IF you're not doing this to did out if he's worthy of your trust, then the only other reason would be because you WANT him to cheat so you have an easy out. I think if you look at the reason why you're doing this instead of if you should be doing this, you'll have a much more satisfying outcome. Talk to him and tell him your worries and fears from your heart. If he gets upset with THAT then oh well, you can't control your feelings, but you CAN control what you do to make yourself happy again.

  • i did this too lol but to my boyfriend. i found out necessary info bc i acted as if i lived in town but had a boyfriend &couldnt go out without him anyway i acted as if my fake person hated me &thats how i got my info. jus have fun. make sure ur person has friends though so he doesnt suspect anything. wow i thought i was the only who had done this. ur super cool lol. jus keep up with everything &never i mean never tell him u did this. never. jus send her to clean the oil spills like u said to get rid of her

  • hahaha
    Maybe he just needs to know that he's still found attractive/charming to other women.
    Just make up the situation in which the fake woman has to move and never gets back in touch with your husband.

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