Punch to Your Metaphorical Babymaker

Damn you, S, for playing with my heart. It's true I loved you dearly at one point, but you ruined that. I would have to be a real fool to take you back, so stop trying to win me back. It's a useless effort, because now that I'm not blinded by love, I can see that you're just not good enough. So back off.

Does that hurt? It f*****' better hurt.

P.S. I changed your name in my phone to "No Way in H***." I acknowledge this make me an a******, and I accept that. But at least, I am not an idiot.

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  • Don't you punch my gyno I love him.

  • MOM ?

  • I asume you are a girl, and by that there are no revenges in changing the name to "no way in h***", the guy seems sad for doing though but he won't care if you did so. Nevertheless, I am a good man, I always give advice to many people here in this site, and in the following points I will give you sweets yummy revenges, although it seems bad and that I said I am good, but hard situations come with it hard actions, so please be adviced that all rights reserved and I have nothing to do with it: 1- Avoid him. 2- Don't think of him. 3- See other people. 4- Don't do foolish things like having s** with others to make him jelous because he will think you are an idiot. 5- Meet up with him in a restaurant without making him think that you are the one who told him to come there. 6- let him sit alone for a while. 7- Put something awaful in his food to make him complain. 8- Crash the window of his car or just crash it with your car. 9- When he will go outside to check his car he will obviously forget to pay the pill. 10- Call for the police twice, and in the first time tell them a guy was going to flee when he didn't pay the money of his meal, and in the second, tell them an accident has happened, but because there are no trace for you, you have nothing to do with it. 11- Enjoy seeing him getting arrested by the cops, and the humiliation of the people. Trust me in this I've done it before to a friend of mine. So anyway, those are series of events and actions to get that idiot locked up. So good luck.

  • my ex is now barking dog.

  • I dont know your situation and theres always 2 sides to the story. Ive been down your road alot my friend no matter how sweet the revenge 2am is still gonna feel like 2 am

  • revenge is sweet!

  • good idea with the no way in h*** thing, ill do the same

  • Power to you. =)

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