12yo wering booty shorts to walmart, ridiculous

I hate all these females that decide to have a baby at the age of 12 to 19. I'm 19 &I dont have kids. Anyway I hate them all even if they did get married with their babys dad. I hate being grouped along with them because sociey now thinks we're ALL hoes &careless babymakers. I'm not. But they wont even take the time to realize. I graduated high school &I'm now in college determined to be 1000000 times better even tugh I already am because I dont have kids.

The whole world has gone insane..

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  • English is Hard, But Can Be Understood Through Tough, Thorough, Thought , Though.

  • Yeah. They "decided" to have a baby. Sure...

  • check it out, there's this post called Someone help me, please.

    looks serious. we all have to help that girl spread the word. look at her confession. help her.

  • I personally think your a stuck up b**** for looking down on young mothers. Until you walk in a teen mom's shoe's you have no room to judge anyone. You think your better than someone like that, than you try being on your own with a child. Yeah it's stupid of these girls to wind up getting pregnant at a young age, especially since there is so many ways to prevent it, but guess what s*** happens, and I think that the the young women out there that are going to collage and trying to make a future for them and their child are better and less miserable than you. And no I did not have a child at young age.

  • I understand where you are coming from. I like that you are making something of your life. My daughter had her first baby at 19. And it changed her life. She was a crazy girl headed down the wrong path, partying and playing like there was no tomorrow. Now she is married and even has another child and is doing great. She has started her own business,the business is not making much money yet but it is her business. But she is the odd one. Most girls have baby's and they get on welfare and squirt out a baby every other year to keep the money from the govt coming in. So what is your major? Where are you headed in life?

  • not all teens that have kids are s****, you can have safe s** and it only takes one time to have a kid. Not like it's the worst thing in the world to have s** they have legal ages for a reason, I'm in Canada and i believe its 16 which means ADULTS thought it was ok to begin doing such things. And just because you don't want kids, or have any doesn't make you any better then anyone else. Congrats on looking down on people though

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