I'll keep fighting.

I didn't mean to really I didn't, I swore I'd never again wear my heart on my sleave. But it was a complete accident. We can't be together because of society and what would happen. I've told you though I won't stop fighting, I know that you return my feelings but they aren't worth the risk and I know that I'm not an ignorant child. But I know when you say "wait until the right time" you mean it now but you don't realise how many times I've heard the words "You won't lose me". But they all fade all of them, even if they don't mean to. I'm not mad at you though I won't deny it if you ask, I could never be mad at you.. Not you. I'm mad because I wish I'd stayed in limbo this hurts and I don't know why, it shouldn't and I'm sorry.

Aug 10, 2010

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