No softener in the laundry

My other half buys fabric softener and tumble dryer sheets and insists I use them with the laundry. I say I do, but I don't. She can't tell the difference and it saves me money because I don't have to buy the softener or the sheets as often. Double win for me!

If she ever finds out though, I'm in real trouble!

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  • If you need more money -get a nigth job on he side...

  • Fabric softner also imprgnate and "oils" your garments so they lasts longer and dont loose fleece.

  • Haha... that's kind of cute, actually. Poor her though.

  • you b****** your prob my husband,, and ps I love the way it smells and I CAN TELL A DIFFERENCE. LMAO NOW YOU GET A SPANKING!

  • did you hear that....... cheap cheap cheap! It's a little bird!!! dude seriously that's lame.

  • Dude, the bottom barrel ones cost like $2 a pack. Live a little.

  • May I call you BigBalls? :)

  • Wow! You are really putting yourself out there!

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