Even though I'm 15 (female) and am in absolutely no rush to lose my virginity, I thought about it and how I want it to go, when it does happen.
I want it to be with a guy I really love. Maybe I'm married, but honestly I don't give a f*** if I am. I just want to be in love, like real love, not teenage l***. (I do NOT want to have s** during my teenage years. I know something would go wrong.) I want to be in love, like I love him, and he loves me. I'm not really a romantic person. I don't like mushy conversations over a candle lit dinner, and I don't like expensive gifts to get me in bed. No. I'd rather be watching hockey for a date, and when my team wins, well. Yeah.
I want him to gently kiss me while we're sitting on the couch. It don't care if we're both wound up from the victory, that makes it better. Slowly the kisses would get more passionate, and heavier. I take off his shirt and he takes off mine. He's holding my chin with one hand and my hands are straddling his head. It's like a movie makeout scene, except it goes slower.
The kisses get heavier. He unbuckles my bra and holds me tight to his bare chest. He lies down as I lay on top of him. He carries me up to the bedroom, and lays me down beneath him. I unbuckle his jeans, and he does the same to me. But they're still on. They stay on for a while as he kisses my neck and I do the same when he comes up for air. We take off each other's pants. We lay there for a while, him in his boxers and me in my panties. I'm so in the moment and I hope he is too.
We take off our undergarments. Just the feeling of skin to skin contact feels so good. He stops for a minute to slip on his condom, and we continue. I'm glad he's wearing a condom. Most guys won't do it voluntarily.
And then, he slides into me. It hurts a little but like I said, I'm so in the moment it really doesn't matter. He's gentle and goes slow. We aren't talking, just breathing heavy with slight moans in between breaths. He goes faster, but he's still very gentle. He holds me close as he pumps in and out of me, and I hold him close too. I kiss his neck and wrap my feet around his foot. He smiles. I smile too. He goes faster, but still, is gentle. He won't hurt me. Just the feeling of him inside me is enough. For a little while, I can feel it coming. We reach climax together and collapse in each other's arms. He tells me he loves me, and I say it back. We're breathless. We wait a while for our next go, which is just as good as the first, and it didn't hurt that time around. But the pleasure of a one time feeling could not be beat.

And that's it, really. I'm still a virgin and do NOT want to lose my virginity yet, I think I'm way too young. And even being safe doesn't make me 100% protected from getting pregnant or an STD. I just want to know if anyone else feels this way, or similar to this way.


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  • This is actually so sweet. Good luck, more people should think like this.
    You are really an amazing girl. This generation is so obsessed with what everyone else will think. You're pure with your intentions and that is amazing.

  • just so you know the first time hurts more after like pressure so going for another round right away might not feel as good perhaps just cuddle and snuggle after wards?

  • thats a lieee.

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