I worked as a prostitute

I was poor, really poor and had siblings to look after. I went to a massage parlour and asked for a job. I was hired there and then and worked for a year as a prostitute. It was years ago, i now have a good position at a big company but still it haunts me that i once sunk that low.

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  • I love you. You are forgiven - God

  • This is not rocket-science, you are not a w****, get on, move ahead in life

  • If you weren't doing meth, you weren't at the bottom yet. S** to feed an addiction is unlike the worlds oldest profession.

  • Look on the bright side - you took yourself to a massage parlor. If you had sunk really low, you would have whored yourself on the street, or even pimped your siblings. You didn't sink as low as you could have gone. If anything, there's the noble dignity of self-sacrifice in your actions.

  • Forgive yourself and put it behind you.

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