I wish i wasnt poor.

I wish i wasnt poor, i wish i could afford things that other people can afford. I can barely afford food and other basic necessities. Its so annoying hearing my friends ask me why im poor. Its not my fault im poor, im trying to help my mom earn a lot of money some how but its hard being a minor and trying to find a job or some sort of way to earn cash. Its sucks. I hate myself and i wish my mom would have just aborted me.

16 days

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  • If you were rich, you would wish you were richer. It's part of human nature.

    Action items for you:
    Since you are young, focus on school work and forget about what your friends say. Get an after-school job if it doesn't affect your grades and do your best.

    The facts:
    If you work hard in school now (even if you are not "gifted") and work hard later at whatever job you get, and you are honest, you will be successful.

    I know that everybody who is poor likes to blame society, but working hard and honesty is the key.

    How do I know? I was born in the inner city (The Bronx) and family was poor / on food stamps. Now I have lots of money... not rich, but definitely not poor.

    Secret: Just worked hard at school and generally honest.

    Clearly, if you get a bad disease or have some serious tragedy, you might not make it... bu that is more rare than you think.

  • Join the club. Alot of people feel exactly the same way. Life can really suck if you focus on the wrong things. Find fun poor friends and become active again. Example: recently my 14 year old son and I snuck into a nearby private neighborhood pool and had a ball. Totally free fun.

  • OK but my lovely pet dog chewed the h*** out of my complementary Quran. Shouldn't have left it lying around.

  • Sorry to hear mate. Good luck. Find a way to enjoy life.

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