Scared ( must read this )

The thing is that i have always been scared throughout my life. not that it was the way i was brought up but it was my nature, i am a sensitive guy and apart from my physicality and manly looks there is a feminine side to it. i resent fight and war and bloodshed. it just brings tears to my eyes, my heart is broken everyday when i read the news and something horrible has occurred everyday. i not only confess my insecure side but i am ready to admit it. any of you people who are in trouble of any sort, here is some hard advice DON'T BE AFRAID ! no matter what. keep your head up and do what you believe in. i am an artist and i will become a legend one day. here is a little secret, try this if you have the guts. do anything like jogging for example, there comes a time when you cant jog anymore,your mind says stop AT that MOMENT! DON'T STOP instead continue and you will realize that a new layer of energy has broken up in you and you are able to jog for hours ! even the most talented person uses only 15% of his energy . IMAGINE what can happen if he/she uses even 20% ??

To all you folks good luck :)

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  • Wow you are a f****** h***. What the f*** are you trying to say. Use that extra %5 of energy and climb to the top of a cliff and dont be afraid to jump. Really dont be scared and just jump.

  • I hate when people are mean to posters...bbbut... You are all over the place with this post. Did you have some sort of revelation all of a sudden??? 15% of their energy??? Where did you get that statistic? I hope you express yourself better as an artist than you did with written word. Your post left me feeling confused, frustrated and most of all severly annoyed.

    Have a good holiday dimwit.


  • omg that is so inspiring. Thanks! :)

  • my guts is already cut open,what's the use of it? lol i'm trapped with stalkers. I am no happy at this moment, I'm being a legendary of this stupid game. freedom is needed not guts. I am no artist,lucky you for being artist;) I saves life of blind people from kangaroo,frogs,alligators to hippo legs, are needed to open their inhuman minds to free me. Just fighting for my freedom. This is a part of my individuality,I am no perfect but I'm human.

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