I'm a Security Guard at a High Rise

I'm a Security Guard at a High Rise apartment Building for millionares.One day my son and I went out and bought 500 Christmas cards for all the tenants at my job. It took us about 3 hours to write Merry Christmas from the Security in the Service Entrance.
Before I go on believe me I just wanted the tenants to know I exist. that I'm doing a fantastic job to make their life easier. Well after my son and I finished all the cards . I took them to my job and ask the mail clerks can they put them in everyones mail box . They agreed ,they said it was a good idea.
An hour later I'm at my Security Desk working hard like usual.
Then suddenly the Super and the Building Manager rushed to my desk with my box of Christmas cards I gave to the mail Clerks to pass out for me .They said " We know you have good intentions giving out Christmas Cards but we can't have you do that here." They gave me the box of Christmas Cards. I stood there shocked. I didn't understand ,what did I did wrong ?
Then one of the mail Clerks rushes back after they left to tell me " The reason you cannot give out the cards here because most of the tenants will thank you want something from them and plus most of the employees here think your trying to cut in on the Christmas Money the tenants give out."
God ,I really don't care about money. I just wanted them to know I was alive that I exist. That I'm doing a great job ! A tear fell down my eyes as I threw the box of Christmas Cards in the trash.
Right then I just wanted to do something bad to the Super. But I'm a good person with a good heart.

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  • Thats just an awful thing he did, you have all my sympathy sir. I would have gladly accepted a christmas card from you, it's just a shame more people dont think the same way.

  • People kill you nice intentions. People killed mine years ago

  • Welcome to the world of wtf. The pro-lifers are more pro-death penalty and pro-war than the pro-abortion people, and a Christmas card is a solicitation for funds...as seen by the greedy.

  • Find another job maybe, on where you feel appreciated.

  • you're a really nice person...keep that, its rare these days...
    ps: i like the guy above me's idea! :)

  • give them cards for saint patrick's day, there's not expectation to be tipped for that, and if you don't look Irish (e.g. if you're asian or african in origin) it will add a touch of humour to it all.

  • I once heard a simple piece of advice, "if you don't like something, do something else" I know it's easier said than done, but seriously life is too short and you deserve recognition

  • Thats sad.

  • thankyou for the nice comment who ever you are.

  • you exist. you have a son that you exist to... that is better than all of the tenants put together.

    i live in a building like that... i will start saying more thank yous.

    so, thank you.

  • Well I'm the only Security Guard that works here,There's no other. I really can't slip any cards underneath tenants doors because I'm not allowed to move from my post . I'm more like stationary. I'm invisible here,if I'm not seen the better. No one cares anymore.
    I've been working for 5 years. There well over 300 tenants here. And most of them don't even know they have a Security Guard protecting them in the back service entrance. Can you believe I talk to these same tenants on the phone everyday, to let them know when they have a delivry of any kind. Then they would come down stairs before getting into their Limo and think the Doorman for calling them by giving him a big tip.
    I don't exist. I don't care about money. I just want people to care.

    I do all the dirty work for the Doormen.

  • That sucks. I guess these days everyone who does something nice is seen as having some sort of angle. If I were you, I'd slip the cards under everyone's door and say s**** the super. If he's a real douche he might fire you though so you might have to ask youself how he'd react if he found out. Maybe if you made the cards say they were from the whole security team and not you specificaly, you wouldn't be seen as trying to suck up.

  • kill him

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