Scared I am going to jail

I open some credit cards using another person Social Security number and bank account. I added myself as an authorized user. I had all of the bills and alerts sent to me. Sometimes I paid the credit cards from this person‘s bank account other times from my bank account. They found out… Canceled the cards but I think they’re going to prosecute meI feel like such a lowlife! I know I’m wrong… If I would’ve just paid from my bank account only none of this would happen. I don’t know what to do! Can anybody give me some advice

Apr 6, 2020

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  • Yep, you're going to jail.
    Suck it up & deal with it.
    You went into this with your eyes open & could have caused all sorts of distress for a totally innocent person.
    You deserve it, don't you.

  • Do what shaggy did. Say it wasn’t you.

  • Get a lawyer, and turn yourself in.

  • It's called identify theft, the moment you used someone else's Social Security number you were screwed. You wanted some advice, so here it is, hire a good attorney, and throw yourself on the mercy of the court.

  • Naw man I just said I wanted advice, I'm too dumb to actually take it

  • Yes, tell those prisoner to go easy on your behind when they are plunking you out under the covered Wagon.

  • Don't drop the soap.

  • Volunteer to help Covid-19 patients

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