Pathetic or sick?

I still think about him all the time, I wonder what he is doing, dream about him. I'm obsessed. It got to the point where... a few months ago I dated this guy just because he reminded me of him, specially with his glasses on. Whenever we made out or were intimate i asked him to wear his glasses. He thought I had a weird fetish, I pretended he was someone else...

To be completely clear, that is the only reason i dated him, i didnt really like his personality... He just reminded me of that guy I cannot stop thinking about.

I cannot tell anyone about my obsession because my friends would think Im crazy, about a year ago they told me i needed to stop thinking about him and i told them i had. My family hates him. I dont know what to do, I want to stop thinking about him (or stalking his page on social networking sites), I cannot even look at other men, I dont know what is wrong with me. What should I do?

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  • So you were a b**** to the second guy, and we're supposed to feel sorry for you?

  • lool @ comment above ^^

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