It's tough to tell what's normal and

It's tough to tell what's normal and this might not be the best sample of the population to ask, but is thinking of suicide normal? I think about it alot, usually every night and it isn't a crazy emotional outburst its just a realization that the low times aren't worth the very rare happy times. My life is about as good as it gets, i'm 20, my family's worth tens of millions, i'm in college, i get every girl i want, 154 iq, everything seems easy and because of that it seems pointless. I think people need a challenge because it keeps them focused on the present because everyones future has the same conclusion. My family has a history of schizophrenia and those effected by it don't know they are and i'm worried i'm the same. I would have killed myself had it not been for my younger brother and sister who look up to me. Do other people only live for the sake of those dependant on them? i don't want to drone on with a pointless existance. I take sleeping pills to sleep because if i don't i just lie there thinking of this all night. There have been many nights where i'm holding a knife and put it down convincing myself that i'll get help the next day, but i never do and eventually it will catch up to me.

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  • It is totally normal to think about it one time or another in life. What is not normal, is staying up and night contemplating how you would do it!

  • You have such a high IQ, but you can't seem to punctuate or spell correctly.

  • thanks everyone. ive thought about it and everything i do is to be the best at it, its all a form of conquest, and once i'm at the top there's no more enjoyment from it because the main reason for doing the activity wasn't the activity itself but to beat other people at it. even with art i started painting and now my paintings are sold at auctions and people are requesting things, but i don't paint any more because its as if i've conqured it. motocross sounds interesting, better a few broken bones than wanting to die.

  • hay if your as wealthy as you say you are some thing that will always put up a challenge is motocross and supercross. I race both because you see I also used to think strongly about commiting suicide but I happend to find my thing just soon enough to keep from killing my self. but any ways any kind of offroad bike racing is extreamly challenging. it can take years of practice and its lots of fun when you hit the peak of a 110foot long jump and you look down and then reallise how high up you are and to think when you land you will be just fine. I would recamend as a first bike go with a 2 stroke then about 1-2 years later switch to a 4 stroke because the 2 stroke will give you alot of finese in the controlls then switching to a 4 stroke will double your power due to the rpm ranges on the diffrent style bikes

  • way of the

  • You know,you seem to have everything and your not satisfied. See I know what you need to do that would give you a challenge.And while doing it you'll forget all about suicide.
    Comedy, Be a Stand up Comic.
    Spill all your problems out on stage,make it funny of course. Laughter heals everything.

  • i do like being by myself and try not to socialize much or be really drunk when i do, i guess a more normal social relationship would change my perspective. thank you

  • I wouldn't say there is such thing as a normal person, only average and that being said, I think the average person has/will think about suicide at sometimes in their life. Thinking about it as often as you do certainly isn't good. If you are luck enough to have everything you say then it sounds like you are looking at life from the wrong angle. It's not about the challenge of sexual conquest or aquiring material things it's about the relationships you make with people and the roles/impact you have on their lives and vice versa. When you die, you can only take with you your regrets and memories. Make your life about people and interacting with them and you'll have few regrets and lots of great memories.

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