So Sad

I think I'm depressed. My mood is either really content or devastated. I get mad and upset all the time and I feel lost and unsatisfied all the time. I just want to feel genuinely happy and not have that constant sadness over my head. I just feel like life is pointless and a lot of the times I just want it to stop. I'm constantly overwhelmed and I'm going crazy. How can I make myself happy again?

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  • Sounds a lot like me. Perhaps your moodiness arises from the troubles/problems in your life (or you could be suffering from bipolar disorder). In any case, it might help to find someone to talk to about this stuff. Until then stay strong.

  • Exercise can help with lifting your mood a little bit. Also making sure you get enough sleep and eat healthy. Lay off of the sugar, soda and alcohol (if you drink). The extreme mood swings could be a sign of bipolar disorder. What would probably help a lot is to go and talk with someone and find out what's really going on with you. Maybe you needs meds. At least once you find out, you can be on the road to happier times ahead. Best of luck to you. And don't give up, things do pass.

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