I hate my life. I just can't live like this anymore, I know I'm a lot more fortunate than many other people around the world. My parents have good careers I live in a nice house and I have a good education and a little brother. I just cant find the time to enjoy myself anymore, I can't find the time to do anything. I get sidetracked so easily its not even funny. I spend so much effort and time doing my assignments and they never seem to stop, my mum thinks I'm useless she thinks I can't focus but she doesn't know what it's like being a 13 year old kid and never getting the leisure time that everyone else seems to get. I get really mad at one of my friends who is sometimes a real b****. And I find there's nothing to look forward too. The school holidays are coming up but they only last 2 weeks. Good things never last huh? I agree. I hate myself I don't know if i'm pretty. I want to be a model when I grow up but I don't think I have high enough self esteem. People say i'm pretty but I don't believe them. I've got no real friends who are boys my age. I want to kill myself sometimes, i have tried it many times before. I hid behind a mask that no one can see through, but sometimes it cracks and i feel sad and lonely and no one can help me. I try to act like it's all okay but it never is. I feel like s*** and I often wonder how anyone can enjoy life. No one takes me seriously when I suggest that i have depression I smile a lot but my smiles are fake, I can't open up to anyone because I can't express myself the way I want to, to anyone, I NEED HELP. DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL THIS WAY? DO YOU THINK I HAVE DEPRESSION OR AM SHOWING THE EARLY SIGNS OF DEPRESSION? i also have really bad sleep and have lately had a loss of appetit and have been unable to focus at school. Thanks for helping, you'll help me just by leaving a comment so i can have your advice, thankyou.


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  • do whatever it takes to make yourself occupied. there are more problem in this world bigger than yours. If you feel that you are depressed then remember something that would make you happy... I was under depression medication for almost a year now and i am not sure if its working, i do find myself useless sometimes but that is not enough reason to end your life... Life is a gift and there are many wonders in this world that you can do... Try yoga... for example or better yet enrolled Zumba where you can release all your stress. Hope you have a great life... please do not do anything that would hurt yourself...

  • If your parents aren't taking you seriously about have depressions, talk to you school counsellors and tell them how you really feel. Suicide is only for the weak, the strong survive to prove to themselves and others that they exist and can do anything!

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