I finelly realise something about me in relations to being attractid to the oposit s**. I have pin pointed it within myself and i am grateful for it and i am proud to know this. I am very attracted to adolescent girls who are mature mentally and who are mature physically. If she has a woman's mentality or thinking and a woman's body, either b****** or behind or both i am instantly attracted to her. I feel it is because my body wants to reproduce and needs someone who will provide a high chance for reproduction.That i believe is not pedofilia but the reason the powers that be termed the word pedofilia in order to decrease population-no exscuse for those who are attracted to girls who are neither physically nor mentally fully developed. A girl with a womans body who also has a womans mind-set is what attracts me. A woman with a very nice body and little baggage also instantly attracts me. It is universe which governs this realm i do believe.

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  • A so called adult who uses the term "little baggage" is *always* a red flag. Life is rough, you pick up baggage along the way whether you want to or not.

    Pedo boy here wants a fresh little blank slate. Too bad they don't do b00b jobs on infants, right buddy?

    Go get hit by a high speed train, you simpleminded waste of sp3rm.

  • Idiot

  • hey im in the same boat but i fell shame and im 13 so sigh :( im crying now as i write ur luky ur an adult u can do wat u want im a teen still at home i haveny told anyone

  • Shut up.

  • Check your spelling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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