i'm gay and i've never had a boyfriend

i'm gay and i've never had a boyfriend. actually, the only sexual experiences that i've had, had been at school. once in the bathroom stall and another time on the science building. i gave both of the guys oral s**, but the crazy thing is that i wasnt attracted to those guys. i just did it cuz i felt like it and because i could and becuase they let me and didn't stop me. now though, i keep thinking about those two times that i've given head, and i keep thinking about those two people. i know i'm not attracted to them and that i don't have crushes on them, so what is wrong with me???

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  • maybe you are a sexual, meaning you do not enjoy s** or sexual acts

  • maybe you were just curious? take time to find out how you feel about either women or men, then decide.

  • i cant stop thinking bout this 1 guy... i cant get da time weve kissed or felt each otha up out of my head. but i dnt want to date him. i jus like hooking up with him... and i no i probz shood feel more or less. i feel soo bad and strange about it

  • you're h****

  • you shouldnt give people you dont like, either guys or girls head-it's gross and not safe, go get tested and then ponder if you are gay


  • i can tell ya wats wrong.......................your a f***** F*****!!!

  • who keeps posting this homosexual urban legends crap. it's time to get educated, stop being so ignorant and get with the times...homosexuality exists, in reality, all around you.

  • If your a guy then those were gay acts. But, you had no pleasure in them. That is not so gay. Have you expirienced a woman? Maybe you are hetrosexual or assexual, and toy with s** acts because you need none for yourself.

    You do not have to be a sexual being at all. Having unloving s** that does not come from a relationship is the worst s** of all. Do not ruin your taste for s** before you have even found the right person!

  • There is no such thing as being gay,youre just a pervert.
    homosexual urban legends.com

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