I believe true love, TRUE deeplove, &absolute adorment only comes once in a lifetime. Only once. Received &given.

What do y'all think?

If y'all agree, too bad for me. I already love an a****** with ridiculous pride.

Sep 25, 2010

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  • I hate the uk royals, you want to know why I will never forgive any of them, they tried to kill me several times. they caused my cancer, my unemployment, my isolation and loneliness, they caused my lack of friendships and no marriage and no children. they did all this to me because they are sick gutterfuckers and I am not. they want me unwell and they steal from me. I will never forgive them for allowing ken to rape me. I will never forgive william for that. ever. ever. i will never forgive harry and the queen for them coming around to my neighborhood. the dirty bastards. i thought i knew her face from somewhere. I will never forgive those loose whores they are with and their dirty brat kids. I will never forgive the people who allowed bill to molest me and how they still today abuse me, stop me from having a holiday or a course or a husband and child. they have no idea in h*** or earth or heaven what they are about but they are demons. I could never love charles or andrew or any of them. they are disgusting. I thought the queen was ok but even she is a head b****. they caused my family problems. they caused all this suffering , how can I love that? go home to drunken wives royals. f*** off. they have no idea how lonely i am and what they have done.

  • Thats like saying there is only one person in the world for you, not true at all. There is no way in a world of 6,871,283,755 people, that only one person is suitable for you to love.
    Most people don't break up when they're unhappy because they'd be lonely, pure and simple, but you'll never know what else is out there if you keep yourself miserable in the current relationship.

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