I love you more than anything..will you be with me for a lifetime...

Hey sweetheart...you know how pathetic my life has become without you..never knew that I will love someone so deeply..want to share everything with you...want to take away all your sorrows..You dont know how I feel when I come to know that you are sad..I had been living such a good life..everything seemed so good..I always thought that I will do this and that..but that moment changed our lives..I didnt knew when I started loving you..I realized that only when I was about to lose you..only when I saw that your life is in grave danger..We were so good friends na..you told me everthing except that one secret..Stupid..what if that rascal had ruined your life..at least you would have asked me once or anyone else..I would have never forgiven myself if anything would have happened to you..I keep waiting for your calls and messages..but you hardly trust me now...all boys are not same beta..Only God knows..how much I love you..you are asking me to leave you..Have you ever done so If i would have been in your place..My care is not fake..you dont care about me but please let me take care of my princess..I went against everyone...everyone said that you should pay a price for your mistake but I didnt left you..How can I leave you now..If I had anything wrong in my mind I would have never told you about my feeling..Be with me...Marry me beta..Give your life another chance..You are not perfect and I dont want a perfect girl..I love your faults..I love your mistakes..making mistakes doesnt mean you will stop loving ,living and trusting..Missing you badly :(

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  • Very Sweet, Hopefully She feels the same way about you! Lots Of Luck!

  • same here...

  • It is always a blessing to be loved with such devotion. Lucky girl, I hope she realizes.

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