I don't know..

I remember when i met you. i didn't like you at all, but you liked me and you tried and tried and worked so hard to get me to be your girlfriend. we hung out everyday and eventually i said yes. from then on, we were always together. i fell in love with you. you were jealous and insecure but you were also so sweet and caring and everything i wanted and things i didn't even know i wanted. we had fights over dumb things. you did things i could never forget, but i did forgive you. i thought we were going to get married and have little babies that look just like you. i wanted you to be my knight in shining armor like when we first met. then something happened. a whole lot of somethings happened. through it all i never stopped loving you but you left me and started your new life. i tried and tried to make it work. you just forgot about me. you forgot i was here waiting for you. once i gave up, you wanted me back. i can't do it anymore. i need you to choose what you want. i'm begging you to stop hurting me. i'm trying to be strong but i'm not as strong as i thought. i'll wait for you but i can't wait forever.

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  • My mother was in a; verbal,physical and psychological abusive relationship,with my father.He's dead now.
    However,I learnt alot from witnessing some aspects of the abuse,growing up.
    It made me realise a few things and I learnt from these experiences.
    I learnt to not take s*** from anyone,including douchebag men.
    I learnt to fight and I'm now well versed in MMA.So if anyone,including an aggressive man,tried to physically hurt me,I'd beat the s*** out of him.
    I'm also studying Psychology and pursuing a career as a Clinical Psychologist,to gain insight into human behaviour and so forth.

    My mother taught me,to never be a victim like she was.And my father taught me,to never date a man like him and to never put up with,s*** men like him.

    Good luck woman,you deserve better.Get out of this toxic relationship and learn to love yourself,like you deserve.

    Don't wait 21 years like my mother did.My father didn't destroy her willpower and spirit,as she was stronger than him,mentally.
    However,he still damaged her,in many other ways.

    Now he's dead,she's within a much happier place and her children,always shower her with love.

  • From a mans point of view, i can say that theres not enough good men in the world. If you are in an abusive relationship, no matter how bad it hurts, leave as soon as you can. No one should make you feel unsafe in any way. You will find someone new, im sure of that :}

  • I know what its like... I was head over heels in love with this guy and we had our falling out only for him to want me back off and on just to have s**. and silly me thinkn it was gunna be more than that.. it never happened and he ended up f****** my best friend. She isn't worth your time... don't waste it, find someone else. its going to be hard but it will be worth it.

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