Its my fault

Its my fault you started cutting
its my fault you wanted to kill yourself
its my fault i left you
everything is my fault, isnt it.
i left you cause we werent compatible.
im your theripast,
im the one who has to listen but has to get ignored.
im the one that has to love you even when you imagine someone else as me.
i warned you but you didnt listen.
im the one that should be pushed or bruised because you wanted to read the other persons text.
Im your second option
you tell me im skinny, and then in a few minutes fat
you tell me im an idiot but in the same sentence smart.
i thought it was the end but i dont want to remember anything more
i thought the missing something between us was that i had a crush on you.
no. it was just us. our friendship, we werent compatible, we werent healthy.
you knew i wasnt able to carry you, i was on the brink of collapsing, you knew that. but i still was the one to carry you on my back, knees and hands. you never really cared about me, you always forget to awnser back, when you had fun you forgot about me. but i always had to remember you, i forgot myself for you.

May 7

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  • S**** that! There are people who will adore you and want to be with you. Don’t think all relationships are like this one was. Sounds like the other person was an a******

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