Unrequited Passion

For some of you, this will sound strange and unusual. For others, you may be in the same situation. If any comments come my way, they will be a mixed bag of understanding and condemnation. I am prepared for both.

First, I am an older guy (well over 50). I have been married to my wife for almost ten years. For us, I believe this was a marriage of convenience. She needed a father for her son and I needed a way out of a bad place in my life. The basic truth (really) of our marriage is a lack of fulfilling s** and passion.

Over the past few months, we agreed to remain married but have the freedom to see other people. For the record, I am totally on board with the arrangement. She has actually been on a few "dates" and I know, beyond a doubt, she has had s** with the men she has been with. Why do I know this? Because we are open enough and have no secrets between us.

Her standards are not as high as mine in seeking extramarital relationships. Mine are quite high and so far, I have not found anyone to share some passionate time with. I am not complaining. Frankly, I rather doubt anything will come my way simply because I am not actively looking.

So, what's the problem? Well, while she is out and about having her fun and being satisfied, I am here at home. What advice am I looking for? Here it is. I really have no drive to get out there for many reasons. If anything happens, it will come to me naturally and in the normal course of living my life. Nevertheless, there needs to be a trade-off. I sort of feel like I am on the short end of our deal and what something in return. No, I don't want anything material or things that cost money. All I want is to be on an even playing field in all of this. I have searched my mind and cannot think of anything that meets with equality. Therefore, I am looking for some suggestions and ideas from you all.

In giving you further insight as to who I am, I don't really go for hanging out at bars, I am not big on running the streets or anything of the sort. That probably explains why I haven't found any girlfriends. It's all good. It would be nice. I enjoy my quiet time, listening to music, and looking at beautiful, sexy women in covert glances. I like my women young, slender, and with a spirit for adventure.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. What can I suggest to my wife that would make things equal until something comes my way...if anything?

Good wishes to all of you.

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  • There is no such thing as an even playing field.

    You agreed to this arrangement, so now you will have to live with the consequences. But I will say that you will met someone in due time.Have patience.

  • have her f*** her men in the house u live in and j******* while there doing it . or just watch them and get ure rocks off dude . LOL HOPE THAT HELPS .

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