I Hate My Best Friend's Boyfriend

I've been best friends with her for years. A few months ago she met this guy, and she didn't realise it, but she changed so much because of him. I know that times change, situations change and people change, but usually it's over a few years or so. She changed within only a few weeks.
About a month or so after meeting him, she was pretty much 'in love'. A then a few weeks after, he basically told her that she meant nothing to him. She was unbelievably upset. I hated him for making her feel that way. Then a few days later, his life messes up and he asks her to forgive him and take him back... And she said yes. Without even giving it a second thought. We had an argument about it, but we're still friends. Now I pretend that I don't mind him, but he truth is, I still hate him.
He's all she ever talks about and thinks about, and it's like she doesn't care about me anymore.

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