I think my father turned me lesbian

I didnt know my father until i was eight years old.
All i wanted was a father daughter dance, someone to call me princess when i was little, and someone to pick me up and toss me in the air and safely catch me. Someone i could call “daddy”.
one morning he called us. my mom started crying.
He moved across country to move in with us. we fought all the time
he came in my room
he used me
he hurt me
he didnt rape me but he molested me over the course of 7-8 years.
Because of him i tend to be more afraid of men in general, i always see that “look” in their eyes. the one where they only want one thing.
i fantasize about girls.
i think my dad turned me into a lesbian
the saddest thing is, i am afraid to admit who i am.

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  • *HUG* Never be afraid to admit who you are. Does your mom know?

  • she knows that it happened. she doesn't know that i am terrified to be close to any guys

  • :( I know a lot of girls who were raped or molested. It didn't really have any effect on their sexuality. Bisexual girls will sometimes lean more towards girls if they have been assulted, but I've never heard of rape completely flipping anyone.

  • This is the first time I have visited this site ever and your story the first I read. I'm 22male and I've been single for about 5 years. Our generation has been very accepting to people being who they are. It will probably be very hard but i'd say share it with a friend. Also not all guys are bad guys. I'm one of the good. My only setback is I'm really to nice and girls seem to go for the bad guys and the guys that will break their hearts hit them or cheat on them when something better comes along.
    Hope it gets better for you.

  • Thankyou so much. You are a rare find. I wish more guys were like you.

  • "I'm one of the good." Pfft. Okay. The reason the douchebags get all the ladies is because they're hot, they know how to f***, and kind of try to hide their flaws on the first impression, like, say, the fact that they're f****** liars.

    Words are cheap, good guy. Prove you're good. Stop making sexist jokes. Stop damning promiscous women. Stop comparing weakness to the female s** including but not limited to "you throw like a girl," because how is that any better than "you look hella gay"? Make a few female friends you'll never possibly have s** with. Read free pornograpic stories instead of exploititive movies that you have to pay for. Stop scrolling through the nesty evil p*** titles--I know you see them too don't lie--and try to do something about why people are so attracted to violence. Talk about women's rights with your male friends, if you have that kind of b****. Just a few suggestions, good guy.

  • There really are some good guys, though, OP. They're just super duper rare. Normal guys can become good guys if they try, but it's never going to be you who makes him try. If you think you might be bi, try experimenting with a friend (if you have any male friends), and make sure he knows you're experimenting.

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