So i'm in a hallway in school, and my friend hands me a digestive buscuit and says 'throw this at that kid' so i did this, 'cause i can't resist dares, but the buscuit went wide and hit the wall instead, when another person saw this he said he could do better, so he threw the digestive and it hit a girl on the back of her head, we all laughed aur a**** off at this, five mins later when we'd calmed, we saw she was crying! We all started laughing again, there were actual tears in my eyes, (because we're in year eleven and she was in, like year eight or nine) we were laughing 'cause we didn't know if she was crying 'cause she got a buscuit to the head and she was insulted or, and here's the best bit, if she was already crying about something and then she got a digestive to the 'nut', if however the latter is the case, i'm betting she didn't think she would get a buscuit!
i'm not mean it's just funny..

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  • That girl is going to columbine your ass.

  • what's a digestive biscuit?

  • One phrase I'll remember forever: You will probably forget their names (if you know it now) but they will remember yours forever.
    Apologize and make peace before its to late.

  • What goes around surely comes around , Embarrassing the s*** outta some girl may be funny now. But when LIFE throws a "Digestive Biscuit" at the back of your head ,be sure to take note of all the people p****** themselves laughing at you. If you're too immature to understand the metaphor, dont worry , you will one day.

  • so true.

  • You say you are not mean? You ARE MEAN, and so are your so called friends!All of you should apologize. Do It Today!

  • It may have been funny for you guys at the time. But you guys are bullies. That was a mean thing to do to anyone. Young girls remember everything that happens to them and takes these things totally personally. Most likely she was initially startled and then saw you a******* laughing at her. So if she's in grade 8 or 9, she was probably hurt and probably crying. Now if you want to be a MAN and be mature, then you could find her and go up to her apologize and tell her nothing was meant by it and/or it wasn't meant to hurt her. That act of kindness would probably be something she will always remember.

  • Agreed!!

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