To guys who might be listening.

I want an honest response from a guys perspective.. Girls are welcome too, just let me know the diffrence. I'm in high school, 17 I fell for two guys at the same time. One is 24, I met him downtown one night while at a friends collage party. He is very attractive and honest, as far as I can tell. He was in the marines and has mannors like you wouldn't belive. He doesn't drink nor smoke, and won't offically date me until I turn 18. It's an open relationship for now. He has a steady job that pays well considering the ressesion. And is taking collage courses online. I feel like he has his life in place and he knows what he is doing. . I'm a virgin. It's very apparent he is not. I would like to stay a virgin but am willing to change if things get serious. . And the momment is right. He does have his own place and car, so it's not like it's not possible. Most the people I ask say that alls he wants is s** just because of his age. I would like to think that's not true, at the same time. I know that guys want what they want. He treats me extremly well and we don't fight often. He showers me in gifts, complaiments and 'love.' I would have went straight for him until he called me the other night. We happened to have a snow storm the day before and when he called he exsplained that he was done dating another girl. Apparently she was obsessive and crazy.. I don't know sounds off to me. The other guy I fell for is a guy in my phyics class. He is a senior and the opposite from the other guy. He isn't very attractive, but he dies have a cutness to him. He is shy, smart and has a little bit of strange humor. He love photograpghy which is complelty my passion, were both in septate classes. He has one the art show three years in a row for state and is just compleltly genuine. . Yet he has a girlfriend. I would back off my only problem is the girl treats him like s***. She's rude. Wealthy leaves him mounthly for vacations in Italy France and what not, great and dandy. While that ugly oranatange is sucking forgin tounge. . My ass is back home taking care of he boyfriend. :) love you to stupid b****. They fight all the time but he is too shy and whipped to do anything about it, plus he has a heart and when they do brake up and she comes crying, he takes he back. Sick. I would treat him so well I would love him, let him hang with his friends, not put him down embrace his photography and his crooked smile, and deep brown eyes. Imperfection is what makes him perfect. I am awear that he is intrestead in me, I've had mutral friend let's me know. Only he sends mixed signals. He gives me his black and white photograpghy picture of a beach and the sunset falling over the ocean, he knows I love his work and that I have a black and white collage on my wall at home. He always let me copy his homework and helps me in class. He smiles and waves and always knows when Im gone and always asks where I was. He always says it's good to see you in class, and that were always lab partners. He sits next to me and from the first time I asked him if I could sit down next to hinge pulled the chair out for me. . At the same time the girlfriend and just I tried to add him on facebook the third week I knew him and rejected, thanks. Ass hole. Idk whatever, I don't know which one to go for. I'm torn, and I would like to know your opions.. Thank you :)

Nov 12, 2010

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  • There is nothing wrong with s**, don't let these stupid puritans s**** with your head!
    Just learn to f****** spell!

  • don't have s**. I regret not saving it for marriage a lot. I'm 22 and male. My closest female friend also 22 is a virgin and shes AMAZING. I'd marry her if I could. But I've already thrown away my virginity. Keep it until marriage. You'll be so glad you did!!

  • Stay away from BOTH of them! Do not have s** with anyone now.

    Get your education first. If you get involved with either one you will not be concentrating on school.Take care of your self.Do not EVER try to take any girl's boy friend!! How would you like it if someone did that to you? You will learn that what comes around , go around.Good Luck !

  • Yeah, I think you should get some education first. The first guy sounds like he's far above your level, so either shut up and go find someone your own age group or take the other chick's boyfriend. You're a chick, aren't you? Chicks are always stabbing each other in the back and stealing each other's boyfriends. Go for it.

  • Hi! You do sound like a smart girl. First, stay a virgin until you find a guy that you really like. It sounds like you have a stronger connection with the guy who's your same age. But being a teenager, you most likely will do what you want to do. Just be safe. It's true the 24-yr old is really too old for you and most likely just wants to sleep with you. He probably has a lot of girls on the side. As for the gf, you need to tell your friend how you feel about him. Maybe that will give him enough incentive to break up with her and start things with you.

    But really you should be concentrating more on your education and getting into college. There's plenty of time for love and boy problems in the future.

    P.S. Sorry..I have to do this and point it out. But the spelling errors in this post are crazy..You sound like a smart cookie! So it's surprising to see college, physics, opinion etc.. spelled incorrectly. Not sure if auto correct or no spell check are too blame.

  • The 24 year old is too old for you... 6-7 years is too big an age gap and the maturity levels are too different. He might not just want s** but I bet it's a very large part of it.

    The other guy... well break him and his girlfriend up and move in.

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