I love you so f****** much. And I'm here for you forever. I know my dad and your other daughters don't understand you and now hate you.. But I understand, and I love you to pieces. And you deserve a second chance.. Everyone does.. Everyone makes mistakes..We're only human.

I'm here for you mom. Please, PLEASE move on. I want to help you get better so bad. Your dad is in a better place now, and you know it. You drink because you're so upset about that and other things.

You just need to move on, mom. Keep moving forward. Create a new chapter for your life..

Because when you get to heaven, you'll have so much to tell him when you do.

and dad, f*** you for beating the s*** out of her and leaving the blood on the floor today.

You think you're god of all dads. First lesson, learn how to understand things better you j******. Hitting her and making her live in fear doesn't make her understand. You're the one probably making her sicker. Thank god you work 4 hours away all week.

And PS, you may be the dad, but you aren't always right.

Please don't troll this. My heart is completely broken. and there's so much more to my secret life. I'm not just being a whiny baby.

One of my many goals in life is to save my mom..Prayers for her please..

Dec 6, 2010

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  • Holy s***, did I write this?

    My mom's been put through h*** as well, and she tells me I'm the only one who has ever cared about her... it kind of sucks because she relies on me for everything and it's hard to break away from taking care of her to do anything else. Have you actually given this speech to your mom? Because you should...

  • I have...after I wrote this. She gave up drinking. Out of all 5 of her daughters, me, ME, I think I saved my mom. Because I'm there for her. I love her more than life itself.

    I want to cry. I just want my mom to be happy..
    Now all she is is sick. Which can be fixed easily..I pray for your mom too, because I know the pain!

    Don't let your mom live unhappy.. I think saying something could trigger her to live again. And not look back on the pain!

    I'm so happy we can relate. I'm crying knowing you care for your mom to be there like I do for mine. God you are one h*** of a kid. Then once you do, you can go on.

    People like our moms just can't find happiness on their own. So people like us need to guide them. I guided my mom, and it's working.

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