Okay so here is the deal, I'm a

Okay so here is the deal, I'm a depressed low self esteemed teenager (pretty much normal) people tell me I'm pretty but I don't think so, and i hate when they tell me it, probably because there is no point to me being pretty when I can't be with someone until I am out of the closet, i knew i liked girls since i was in grade 2 and ever since have been trying to convince myself otherwise, (it truly is not working) i come from a christian family that are against gays and lesbians so i wouldn't even think of telling my mother. When I was younger a pedaphile forced me to sit down and watch whiel he jacked off to the site of me. I started cutting myself in grade 8 and lately i have been trying to stop. When i go to a shrink i always lie to them telling them i'm fine and most of them actually believe me.

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  • Wow, you have a lot of issues! Go talk to a therapist, now!

  • you sound a lot like my friend too

    i know its a hard thing to do, but coming out of the closet will actually help you to find a girlfriend. If your keeping it secret, how will they know? I came out of the closet after i started likeing a girl ho already was. and i had no idea i even swung that way.

  • you sound a lot like my friend..

  • you know some christians dont care about people being gay. when i first became a christian (because my bf was and it meant so much to him) i thought christians seriously bitched bout everyone and thought so highly of themselves. and they were so devoted to god and would try to convert me or just hate me. And believe me im not with that guy anymore and have tried other churches and come across the people i feared and hates and dispised but some dont care. and their your fam. man am i rambling on here! point is you can always talk to someone and the internet is a great start becuase alot of the people have gone through similar tourment as you (with the pediphile) or are gay and had a hard time coming out. so long as you love yourself and you need to learn how. so forget the fam. take a day or two off to escape and chill out and perhaps find yourself and hook up with a chick (just to be sure or experience)

  • whatever. cry me a river.

    -- jo

  • The best thing for you to do is see a doctor about the cutting i understand the being gay in a christian family my mom was the same when i told her but eventually it passed maybe it will for you

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