Happy wedding indeed

I'm okay knowing the man I'm in love with has found his dream lady. Or that's what I try to tell myself now that I'm one of the main planners in their wedding. Worst is that her ideas are pretty near what I've secretly dreamed of during 7 years I've been his best friend so here I am doing practically my own wedding without being the one on the altar in a pretty white dress.
All I can wish for is a dance during the wedding so that I can imagine getting married to him in our own wedding for a few minutes.

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  • Why didn't you confess your feelings to him, when he was single? Were you afraid of him, not reciprocating your feelings and that your confession would ruin your friendship? How do you know he doesn't feel the same way? Perhaps he does and didn't want to say anything, incase you didn't reciprocate his feelings.

    I would usually advise it's never too late. But in your predicament, it would be s*** to disclose your true feelings to him now, knowing, he's about to marry someone else.

    Not unless you want to risk it. You never know unless you say something. What about closure for you. Life is too short to think of, "what if's and what not's"

  • My heart bleeds after reading that.

  • Aww I am sorry. That's a pretty yucky situation to find yourself in. :(

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