I feel that my naked pix where stolen...

It's been a while now that I have been thinking about this but it really makes me upset. So so upset that every time I wake up I just think about it and I feel pity and stupid about myself.

Someone on an Art site contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in selling (artistic)Nude pictures for sketching and painting. She said she's an Art student and wants to buy photos from me. Since I like nudes(because I adore how a woman's shape can be a great piece of art), I accepted the offer and the pay was very good and also the main reason is I really really need money. So we talked on skype and I can tell that she is a very nice person. I felt comfortable with her and gave her my trust. Though I was so stupid not to ask much about her. She told me to post my photos on flickr because it's copyright protected and that it's private. I was really a noob with this business and just later on found out that there are certain ways to steal a photo on flickr with copyright. So I showed her pictures and she liked it. She payed me through fund transfer but will not get it until the next week because I'm living in a different country. She was so satisfied with the pix that she told her 2 friends about it and they also wanted to buy more. As an art connoisseur I help them with their project because they say they needed it for school and art show. They pay, but then the other week came and I figure out that I gave them the wrong number, I gave my ATM number instead of the account number so I didn't received any money. I also noticed that the girl who contacted me isn't showing up in skype anymore and I was wondering if she ever needs the money. The same with the other guy. I really feel so bad when I came to realized that I was deceived because they deleted me on skype with no reasons. I really really need the money but it turned out to nothing. I am also worried with my photos. I have little hope that they didn't stole it but all I'm thinking is that they know a way to steal it and get away with it. I am also worried that it will go over the net and my family would find out. I have a very conservative family and most people think I'm a good girl, I mean no one actually think I can do nude. I really feel so so bad about myself right now. The other guy got my passport info too but not related to banks, etc. I feel ashamed too for being so stupid. I just hope that whoever those people are they would use my photos on art and not on anything stupid. That's the least I can hope for. I am ashamed to tell anyone about it because it's a very sensitive issue and that people would think me wrong. What if it goes out of the web? I'm doomed!!! who would love me for that? I'm terribly scared...and so much worried. This is a very big lesson for me to learn and I am ready for the consequences. I just need comfort right now like so bad. Have you been to this situation?

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  • I haven't been in that situation. But I understand about wanting to trust people. Be sure to change your bank account information and passport information. The nude photos, was your face visible? Don't feel ashamed..you know now, you live and learn.

  • Yes, on some my face were visible, but those were artistic poses, no open leg. I know now and I have to be very careful next time. I'm just need to get over this. Thank you for taking the time and reading it.

  • I'm sure it'll be fine!! No-one will hate you for it as long as you explain the story to them!!

  • I'm hoping it will, but I get upset every time I remember it..

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