This Is Longgg........ Help???

This is about a guy i Like ALOT N..... i hope u dont read this ull now its about u and who it is ...Okay Woo so here it goes from the beginning .. it was a day in August i was going to my teachers house to meet all of the people in my School well we were down stairs the first time i saw u i made a fool out of my self and yelled at one of Ur friends for messing up my aim in pool then i saw u and Ur beautiful Face and muscles and tallness and i knew then that all the times i said i didn't believe in love at first i was WAYY wrong u were perfect to me and that's all i can say and u still are....Well a month passed by and i saw u at school the first day my stomach was going crazy and the first few weeks i was afraid to talk to you i finally thank god got pushed into messaging you Heyy i'm ____ and i see you around ______ (school name) whats up? i was still nervous and so u gave me Ur number and we texted u told me about Ur last bad relationship and i told you what i thought and every time i would see Ur name i would get butterflys and smile my dorky smile and every time i fell a little harder until that one text came we were talking and u randomly asked my age BOOM i new that was it and i could tell Ur reaction my friend lied to u she said one age older and i think you liked me and did when she said that age then we had guitar things going on and to tell u the truth i couldn't stop thinking about u every night after that and i could think of one other guy that i would like besides you and every time i couldn't sleep and if i did i dreamt of u or a good dream and that hasn't happened in a LONGG time You probably think im crazy right now but i'm use to it and i think you have changed me anyways back to what i need help with i poured my heart out to you about my ex and how i was hurt and i think you gave me the idea to write songs and i thank you for that and so me and my friends were sitting across from him one day and we needed a nickname so we gave him cookie and i used that before with a dude and so i think that is what i covered it up with :) and so you and i were talking one day and i in love with you you probably thinking im crazy my Dumb cousin decided to tell you my real age then i could tell you backed offf and i panicked for the first time in a while i felt my life drop out of my hands and shatter and all because of my cousin i dont think i can ever get over that ... at all and he backed off we still were talking and stuff but he backed off didnt touch me only smiled didnt stare as much...then the dance came you wouldnt keep your eyes off of me i was have so much fun and me and my friends acted like we were the S*** you started to notice me and wanted me to notice you but i didnt ...i could tell you hated it ...i thought it was freaking funny still do to treat me like that then do that you tried everything i only talked to you once and not on purpose ...that night i found out you had a girlfriend to so i drank the punch like no tomorrow and you could tell something was up i was told when i talk to you i smile like a dork and am weird well not my fault so i ended the day crushed went home cut and that was twice and cried ..... one day i started to notice you were treating me like a kid and i thought u were joking and stuff and so i shrugged it off i thought it was just me then i heard about you talking about my best friend about me and how i was a kid and i could only get boys and you wouldnt date me Because of the age..... U TOLD MY BEST FRIEND .........i cut that day 6 times i was so sad i cried and was upset so much to the point i think i trew up from crying so much... and then now i am noticing more and more how i should just act like the s**t and ignore seem to like it but after all we have been through the emotional support and everything im nothing to you ...your a douche ...but i love you do you guys have ANY idea how i can get him? please help thats all ive wanted :/ i cant stop thinking about this guy and he probably thinks im crazy but o well i like him to much to forget please comment and help! :) thanks a bunch!!


Dec 22, 2010

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  • Stop cutting! He's so not worth it. Nothing is worth it. There are more constructive ways to express your with friends/adult/therapist and writing music. Stop harming yourself. So about this guy..It's true this will pass. It's hard because you have invested so much time either liking him or hating him. And when you're in school..that is your life. It's easy for adults to say..oh Schoolgirl stuff, because we've been there. You need to find someone else to have a crush on. Next time ..don't lie about anything, especially your age. He may be wondering what else you're lying about or just that you're too young for him. How old are you and how old is he? But I think with it as you would any heartbreak/break up and move on. Maybe sometime after you have graduated high school there may be a time when you two meet again..but not now. Remember there are other guys out there...

  • I know i havent cut for a while and i write music instead and talk to friends ..only one knows that i have done it .... and the rapist? and yeahh i know adults have been there but still some dont know my exact feeling and i know i do and i didnt know my friend lied about it i tryed to tell him a few times just i didnt know how and hes 16 and im 14 and i do remember that well try to and i know other guys are out there people say ohh ur gorgeous or beautiful or hot or cute or skinny but y cant i get a guy then? :/ i dont fling myself

  • Sounds like you're getting through this. You're only 14, you have a lot of time to find a boyfriend(s). I know you want it to happen sooner than later. It will happen. You want a boy who is nice and treats you well, not just anyone. Just be yourself and someone will catch your eye. Hang with your friends, keep up your grades, stay busy. Someone will come along when you least expect it. In the meantime, find a new boy to have a crush on.

  • Yeah i know and i know i want a good guy and at first he was a VERY nice guyy, then well my idiot cuz had be crazy i didnt get him, and thanks i am trying to get over him, and i am trying to like someone else. i have a crush that is helping me .. :)

  • Schoolgirl stuff. This too shall pass. Enjoy the crush, agonize over the rejection and move on. You have a lot of life ahead of you and it will be very good and sometimes very bad. But overall, it is what you make of it. Enjoy the ride. Meanwhile, what the h*** is with the run-on sentence thing you have going? Stop pining after Mr. Wonderful and pay some attention in English class. Showing some intelligence can be a very attractive thing. Looking like an illiterate will get you laid but little else.

  • I know how to type and spell and i know i did a run on. I was just Confessing and i know its just this guy is alot to me and i mean , its not like hes giving me a fun ride, its a h*** of a time :/

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