Yeah bro!

I'm a little concerned about weed, i had my first bong when i was 12 nearly 13, it hurt my chest but then i got used it it, im 16 now and i smoke like crazy, I've learned to control the drug though i can go weeks without it, i but i'll get a little shakey, but recently i had a panic attack after three bongs in 20 minutes [i smoke it slow, i know] it scared me to death, i put myself to bed. but i'll never forget it, and every time i smoke i think will it happen again?

Jan 3, 2011

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  • hopefully u read th is dont listen to these people wat happened is u got laced weed read up on weed theres definitely sum differences if u want a lazy high thats Indica....higher CBD than THC equals heavier, sleepy type of high. if u want a laughy fun time Sativa....higher THC than CBD equals cerebral, soaring type of high go learn more about weed if u dont want this 2 happen again

  • it wasn't my weed..

  • Sounds like you got ahold of some chronic ganja there little guy. Better savor it, I hear its hard to get good weed out in the bumfuck mid-west.

  • i live in Australia, mate.

  • don't smoke weed. it's stupid and unattractive. and so f****** lame.

  • Do you normally have panic attacks? People who are prone to anxiety-related things like panic attacks can sometimes have negative experiences with pot, since one of it's side effects can be increased paranoia and elevated heart rate.

    If not, perhaps you were anxious BEFORE smoking? That's one thing I've learned the hard way. If I smoke when I'm anything lesser than "content", it's usually a bad experience. I'd recommend that you only smoke when you know that you're in a safe place both physically and mentally.

    If you're really concerned, try smoking less and taking longer breaks between bong hits. Like all good things, too much pot can make a positive experience into a negative one.

    I hope that helps! Remember to be safe, and have fun.

    Happy toking!

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