I'm freaking tired of it.

I'm tired of you, A.

I'm tired of you finding out about parties I have that you're not invited to, mainly because it's just a small group of friends from high school getting together as a sort of reunion thing. I'm tired of you guilt-tripping me into letting you come. We didn't not invite you because you're a "fat stupid ugly w****" as you posted on your Facebook.

I'm tired of you hanging off the one friend that puts up with you and monopolizing his time. I invite him over to talk with him, not so you can force him down to cuddle with you. He's told me to try and get you to leave him alone, and I'm tired of being subtle about it. He's told you to stop it and you don't. Why can't you get that you're kind of creepy and very annoying?

We're both tired about you bringing up details of his sexual orientation when it is most definitely not appropriate. He's still in the closet. And nobody cares if what he does in your spare time is your kink. If you're really that interested, discuss it in private with him, not in front of my family, a friend that had no idea, or total strangers.

Yes, you're still a virgin. Everyone else in the room has had more experience than you. Nobody gives a rat's ass. Especially during the Muppet Christmas Carol.

I'm super tired of you degrading yourself just to get attention and compliments. It doesn't work any more. I'm tired of you trying to make yourself the center of attention at every gathering. We get it, you're a failure in life, you'll never have s** with anyone, you'll be living with your mom forever.

F*** it.

You are one of the most exhausting people I have ever had to put up with. People aren't just around to boost your ego. We have parties to have a good time, and if you're going to stop us from doing fun things to complain about how you're still a virgin, nobody will invite you places. Accept this. Don't come over without warning any more. We may not let you in.

Well, now I feel better.

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  • Woah, I hate people like that!!! Sooo self-centered... Tell her that she's an attention w****, in a nice way xDDD

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