Never felt so alone...

I'm gay, tried to be with girl like god wants but I like men plain and simple...I'm hope he will forgive me... I love god...

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I'm in live with a 32 year old

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  • You better not. Personally if I had all the power to create everything in the mind boggling vast universe, every species that exists on this planet and probably more in the infinite expanse of the cosmos in which we live, and could look upon all my creations on Earth, I would be feel very satisfied with myself.

    Unless some of the humans of the same gender started having ** with each other. Then I'd be well ** off.

  • Love god all you want. Jesus is the only fix. And if he's not your savior then you are lost.

  • God doesn't want you to like girls, he loves you for who you are. It doesn't matter if you like boys or girls. Maybe some crazy religious fans, self proclaimed "cristians", think that being gay is wrong, but it's not God who think so, it's those hypocrites who do. So don't worry about it, love yourself, it's the only way to be happy.

  • Gods not torturing you people are, if god didn't like you he wouldn't have made you the way your are, some people thinks its a choice, but really it isn't, just like you can't expect a dog to all of a sudden be a cat one day, you can't expect a gay person to be straight, it's just not what they are. =)

  • and He loves u too. trust me, He does. He knows that you're suffering. just hold on, dont give up. cause i dont. and day by day, i'm just getting better. you're not alone man.

  • If god is torturing you like that maybe you shouldn't love him so much.

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