I don't know...

When i was a little girl my two older sisters were molested. I feel like it happened to me.

In fifth grade i tried to commit suicide because a guy was calling me fat, and i believed him. I tried to strangle myself. In 7th grade i tried again, and in 8th grade i started cutting. I was alone because my friends had abandoned me. My family didn't care to ask if i was okay. I was practically left alone to die...I was picked on my entire middle school life... i have no idea why. i was still cutting when i started high school this year. i stopped cause i met a guy i liked. He's a senior, he's going to be turning 18 soon. Im a freshman. Yet when i asked him if he like me he answered yes. He's kissed me and told me he loved me. and he saved my life. Thank You! I Love You with all my heart! <3

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  • I like little girls come to daddy

  • U must b very stupid not to b able to strangle urself but the river is always there

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