Heart broken

So when I was in 8th grade I was stupid and had s** for the first time on Christmas break and when I realized I was pregnant it was to late to do anything. So I finished up 8th grade year not telling any of my friends and my parents sent me down to Texas where I gave birth to a health baby boy who I named Benjamin. Benjamin became my heart and soul the day of his birth and I instantly loved him but I knew I was to young and so I did a adoption. I came back to school and then started my 9th grade year of school where I met a amazing guy (I thought) but he ended up raping me and more and made my school life h***. So now in 10th grade I began to finally put my life back together and I met a new guy who I decided to take a step back and relax a bit. He knew about my rape and I told him some personal things about my life. At the time I was still having a hard time really trusting people so I didn't tell him much about my past. Then one day I finally decided to tell him about about Benjamin and he acted cool all and just a few days till our 4 month anniversary he ended it...and for once I never saw it coming. Later I found out it he only dumped me because I had a kid 2 years ago which I really don't know why its a problem because my son is no longer in my life. The new guy broke my heart even more then my rapist because I began to trust him more then anyone in my life but I know I'll be okay with out him cause he'll never see how great I was and the changes I have made in my life to get where I am today, and if he couldn't except me on who I am today then s**** him...I'm way better off without him.

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