A tad too tipsy

I'm a little embarassed. I don't drink much. In fact, I very rarely drink. I'm a 24 year old grad student. A friend of mine invited me to a New Year's Eve Party. I really didn't want to go but she said that I should go...cheer me up after breaking up with my fiancee (spelling). She said that there would be people that I knew from the school (our university).

When I got there, I saw a lot of people that I knew (some students, some faculty/prof.). So, I had a few drinks and chatted with people. I started chatting with a professor that I had known for a few years. He was one of the first professor I met when I was an undergrad. I didn't see him much after I started grad. school. Being a TA, doing research, etc. kept me pretty busy. Anyway, I was always a little nervous around him because I thought that he was very attractive. I thought that I was attracted to him because he is a genuis, even though he is physically attractive. I ended up drinking a bit more than what I would've drunk, if I hadn't talked to him. The next thing I know, I'm having s** with this professor in a hotel room. I swear, we were going at it like we'd just gotten out of jail after a 30 year lock up. Don't get me wrong, the s** was really, really amazing, it's just that I couldn't believe that I let myself get tipsy enough that I had s** with a former professor.

Just so you know, he is 35 and divorced. He had married young and his ex was a little out there anyway. She cheated on him multiple times. So, he is the one that filed for divorce. He's been divorced for over a year.


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  • Got drunk n had s** :o who dosnt dont be embaressed :P i bet he thinks alot more of u know:D *wink

  • if uactually read this confession the writer does not actually state his\her gender and y is a women a w**** bcuz she gets tipsy an f**** sum1 every man has gotten drunk an f***** sumtin society says is wrong or ugly so wat do u call them and as ihavent specified i am a 19 year old straight man standing up 4 women take that society

  • You had a one night stand.

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