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Last semester, I was in a class with a friend of mine (we're both in grad school). Earlier today, this friend asked me if the professor had a thing for me. I told her no and asked her why she would think such athing. She told me that about a conversation that she had overheard while waiting for me after the class was over. I remembered the conversation that she was talking about but I had forgotten that she had been there. I tried to explain to her that the conversation was innocent and that she didn't hear all of what we were actually saying. She didn't want to believe that she was blowing things out of proportion.

I'm not sure why she waited so long to say anything to me. Maybe she thought that if something was going on that I'd deny it. But nothing happened then and nothing is happening now. As a side note, our grades in the class were about the same, give or take a few points. We both had B's in the class (both the lecture and lab). I had to study like crazy to get the B. She's the one that has the photographic memory (or whatever the crap it's called).

Anyway, she, for some odd reason, thinks that he has a thing for me, but I disagree. I know that he liked me as a student but nothing more.

What I put here is where the conversation started after I'd already asked to set an appointment. He asked if I could hang around for a minute. He wanted to send the power point lecture to the class and a couple of other classmates were asking questions about the exam (which was the Monday after Thanksgiving). By the time this conversation occurred, students from the other class were filing in and the friend was in the hall (but looking into the room; waiting for me).

Me: (teasingly) I know that you banned me from asking questions but I just had a few more.
Professor: (smiles) I'd never ban you from asking questions.
Me: (smiles – kind of a smirk) I'm sure you'll have a party when the semester is over and you'll say, 'No more short girl asking me loads of questions.'
Professor: (another smile) I wouldn't do that. If I had a class full of students like you I'd be in Heaven.

The professor and I get along. He has said that he's appreciative of my hard work in the course (I had told him that I was appreciative of his help) and that he wished that more students were like me and showed more interest in the course. I responded by telling him that I was enjoying the course more than I thought I would. We had had some other conversations similar to that but, again, it was more like he was just saying that he liked/appreciated the fact that a student was showing interest in the subject and not the fake interest that students usually show - the 'I'm interested because I have to take it for my major' kind of interest.

This is what I'm wondering: Who is right?
A) My friend (that the professor likes me...more than a student; like romantic)?
B) Me (that the professor likes me only because I work hard and have expressed an interest in the course)

Additional Details
This is just to get this out into the open.
1) I do find him intellectually attractive.
2) He is easy on the eyes.
3) I wouldn't pursue him even if he was interested. It would be too complicated.
4) 11 year age diff. (I turned 29 this past Oct. He turned 40 this past Nov (he looks younger).)
5) He is divorced but I don't know how long it's been like that. From what I understand, he is seeing someone and he also has a son.
6) I'm good at reading people so I know when I can tease people. I know that he was serious (even though he smiled).
7) I want this friend to understand that it was just a friendly encounter and that there was never any romantic interest and never will be.

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  • What he said could be flirtatious..but it sounds more of a compliment. Saying you're a good student, why can't all of his students be good. As for attraction..who knows. It happens. Maybe you're friend sees something else, that you're oblivious to. Or now your friend has popped a new perspective into your head so you're feeding the idea more. But things guy sounds like a potential if it were to work. He's single, available and the age not that big of a deal. Thankfully you're not 17 and he's 40, this would be a different comment. Maybe if you wanted to pursue see if something was actually there..ask him to coffee and say you have other questions. :-)

  • You can't exspress anyones feelings but your own. If he likes you you can't say either way niether of you can.

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